Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Character Building

After coming back from my attempt at a run down by the river I am feeling pretty damn unfit right now. My old fitness levels have definitely abandoned me due to lack of nurturing them through my years of living overseas and all my excuses... but now the weather is starting to sun up and I have my cute blue and white Aussie shorts which are determined to see Calgary summer so I am feeling pretty optimistic. Salad for dinner with 'spicy satay' tuna that almost burnt my tongue off.. great start!

I had a job interview today for a school... before you jump to conclusions, I applied for an admin position... since I can't teach here. It's pretty dodgy hours, pretty crap pay ... but ... they have a teaching course that they PAY for us to go on, we just have to commit to those hours in order to obtain the whatever it is the course does. Sooo I kind of figure that it may be worth being in a school environment because it may look my resume a little more desirable when I apply for teaching positions back at home.

Still, the whole job hunting experience has been frustrating and not fun because I am used to getting paid reasonably well - I was getting $18 an hour working in hospitality back in Melbourne, let alone what I was getting paid as a teacher so with what I am getting offered here I feel like I want to die! Still, character building right? It's the experience and what not. To an extent it is, but at the same time, still frustrating.

I am loving living with Kylie though! Has changed my Calgary experience from a negative one to a positive one. We get along well and it's fun! Speaking of, I am going to get ready so we can go to Walmart and find me roller blades!


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