Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Canada Post is a Royal Pain!

I rediscovered ebay after finding a pair of boots I liked in a shop but refused to pay $185 (plus 5% GST) so one of my friends suggested ebay... Perfect solution, found boots at almost half price and had them shipped to my new apartment because as I am moving out in a couple of days (well, tomorrow) there was no point getting them shipped here.. 

My gmail account tells me that I have one new message, so I click it open to find that my ebay seller has sent my boots and enclosed a tracking number, so of course, I check the status of my boots... And they had been delivered - but because I am in an apartment, they take all packages directly to the post office and leave a little slip in the letter box telling you where you can pick it up... now of course, I don't have my little slip as I haven't yet moved in so I ring Canada Post and ask what ID I need to collect my mail. 

For lack of better description as I can only go by his voice, but the douche bag at Canada Post proceeds to inform me that as I have no proof of address that I cannot claim MY package... to which I say 'that is ridiculous, I have ID with my name on it and have the tracking number and can tell you where the package was shipped from and when'... no dice. He sighs... 'well, I will look into this to see what we can do...' - apparently nothing ... oh so my package gets shipped back to Edmonton in 15 days if I can't produce something with my address on it to confirm... however, I can envision him scratching his head as he ponders this thought.. 'but what you could do is get your current room mate to pick it up for you. Of course, because the package is in your name you would have to authorize her to do so, like write a letter of authorization'... at which point I flipped and pretty much told him that was the most absurd thing I have ever heard because they would give the package to Kylie because she was listed as at that address but wouldn't give it to me even though I had 100% of the other details including ID with MY name on it... 

He was getting a bit pissy at this point too and I did feel as though I had to clarify just one thing... and it went something like this and yes, it was a little ridiculous but you need to understand that he was telling me I couldn't pick up my own package due to security reasons (but would let Kylie pick it up?!)... I pretty much argued and asked him if Canada Post checked ID of people who lived in houses when they delivered packages.. he said 'uh no'... and I asked 'well why not?' and apparently if someone is living in the house then it is assumed that they have the authority to be there... I was just being painful now and bitchy so I asked 'well what would happen if a robber was robbing my house but decided to be polite and open the door and took my package?' - silence on the phone - I continued - 'does that mean he has a right to my package?'... I don't think he quite knew what to say but he mentioned something about circles and going round and round so I pretty much told him he was useless and did he even work for the post office I was asking about anyway and he said no... so I asked him for the number of my post office which he told me to google ... asshole ... so I googled it and rang.. 

Of course, I got someone who couldn't speak English which was great but after another 5 minutes of confusion to determine whether or not my package was there (which it was because the tracking system said so but she was just being frustrating by not speaking English) and told me all I needed was one piece of photo ID! 

Ahhh the chaos of trying to pick up the package and stupid people who work at Canada Post!

Lesson be learned - do not put men in charge of anything! 

Monday, February 23, 2009

A little bit of pressure goes the wrong way!

I hate pressure. Air pressure that is! Ever since moving to Calgary my sinuses have gone to shit. Something about Chinooks and the wind from the mountains, whatever, makes my sinuses not very happy and today I'm feeling kind of flat because of this stupid pressure. It doesn't happen every day and I'm sure if I popped a sinus tablet I'd be fine, but, I am against taking unnecessary medication. At least it isn't as bad as Seattle. I found it to be much worse at my mums, I always thought it may have just been my mum who made my head spin ... *kidding* ... but even in Vancouver I had horrible headaches so I'm guessing I didn't spend long enough there to adjust! 

The big day arrives on Wednesday when I move into my new apartment! I am pretty excited about this as I have my own bathroom, I can decorate however I want because it is MINE and not someone else's house that I'm moving into, although Kylie will have her stuff there but it's not like someone owns the house and we've moved in like the houses before this.. so... I'm excited. Half my stuff is there now and I've just got my bed and a few random things to move as well so should be fairly painless. I have the cutest shower curtain in the world and this is the teacher coming out in me because it is of little fish with googly eyes! Definitely not what I would have in my own house however because it is so expensive to have a co-ordinated bathroom I figure I can have cute fish for the time 
being. Looooooove Walmart! 

Another bit of exciting, albeit ridiculous news considering the event I'm excited for is 4 months away ... but I bought my cowboy hat for Calgary Stampede! I went to the mall, saw a hat and decided, heck, why not buy this thing right here and now. So, off I trot to the counter, cowboy hat in hand.. I hand over my magical plastic card which they proceed to swipe... I wait, in anticipation.. accepted... phew, I was worried for a second there when I saw his brow crease in confusion, but soon enough the hat was mine... along with a necklace, earrings, a movie (well, okay so technically I didn't take that home with me, but still!), random house stuff like food storage containers and excited with those purchases, Kylie and I made our way to Moxies, after saying goodbye to Michelle, and proceeded to bitch out boys and girls alike over quite a few Bellinis (her) and Raspberry Temptations (me) be
fore deciding to go home and hit the hay for a reasonably quite Saturday night.

It's Sunday now and my plans for the day include going for a walk to enjoy the niceish weather... considering my room looks like a clothes bomb has gone off, I may even continue tossing things into bags to prepare for M Day but I am pretty sure my enthusiasm won't last for longer than 5 minutes, hence why my clothes are still strewn over the floor right now. Oh, I also acquired a plant from one of my friends who is moving up to Fort McMurray (oil fields) for a few months so now I've been given this daunting task of looking 
after Roxanne (see picture)... how do you keep a plant alive...??? I lost fish so I am scared that he will come back only to find Roxanne gone and I will be in b.i.g trouble!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

London, Fog & Rain

10 things I miss about the UK...

  1. The ridiculously overcrowded tube in which people are packed in as tight as sardines. I especially miss the stinky armpits pushed up against my nose from the sweaty business men who look like they could use a ten-year free gym membership... eww;
  2. Terrace style housing that are old and run down with cracks in the wall but somehow always managed to feel like home;
  3. Rain and rain and rain and the dusty fog that always manages to accompany this relentless rain;
  4. Ahh the nightlife... the bars, the clubs, the action!! The REDBACK (yes, I know, lame, but some seriously good nights to be had there!)
  5. Music festivals at Hyde Park;
  6. Sharing a room for 8 months with a girl who never washed her sheets and had a dildo hidden in between the sheets... hilarious night when we discovered that!
  7. Random hostel stories that accumulated with travel adventures;
  8. Walking down Oxford Street and getting frustrated at the hoards of people who would stand, awestruck, at the city of London;
  9. Going for walks down the Thames;
  10. My one night job as a bartender on a riverboat that cruised down the Thames! 
But all that being said, I loved my time in London, wish I utilised it better but I love my life where I am now and love what I have achieved. I feel so good about how things have turned out (minus the lack of money thing) but I've learnt a lot about who I am and what I want in life..

I can never get London back, nor would I want to - I loved what I had but it was time for me to leave and here I am in Canada and whether I will stay here for years or whether I go home at the end of 2009, whatever choice I make, I will survive - and that is something I often forget. Choices can be made but they are only a choice. Nothing will ever break me down so badly that I can't pick myself back up. I've always been able to jump back up, brush off the dust and start again. 

At the end of this month I move into my new house and am excited about that. I have a wicked room mate and she will be a lot of fun. Work is going well, I am still indecisive about what exactly I want to do but welcome to the life of Simone - indecisive is my middle name! Speaking of names, in Canada, I have gotten such a variety of names...
~ Simeron
~ Samantha
~ Tim 
~ Simoen
~ Tamera (this one is my favourite!) 

And other random names... Apparently they don't understand my accent. Speaking of accents, apparently Janelle (work colleague) thinks my accent is still really thick, Aussie accent. Surprising since I've been gone for two years and even when I went home I felt that my accent wasn't as strong as it once was.... but I guess she has been here six years so her accent would be weaker than mine....

Choices... if only someone could give me a crystal ball and tell me which choice would be the best one to make. 

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm Still a Melbourne Girl

Yes, I know, slap my wrists and tie me to a chair, I've been slack in the old blogging department but after much demand from... well, okay, my mother, I have taken some time out on this chilly Wednesday evening to continue blogging. 

Considering my last post was in December, I am not entirely sure where to begin as so much has happened since then... It freaks me out how fast time has flown because it seems that it was only yesterday that I was traveling Europe, living the high life of the travel bug that I consider myself to be. I miss London more than I ever thought I would and wish I had the chance to go back and do it all again, but knowing what I know now. 

February already and to sum up my life since my last post I will list:
  1. I've moved out of my first house, am in my second now and am moving into my third (and hopefully last) place at the end of this month!
  2. My job is going well although I am finding it frustrating at times due to stupid people and I am going to eventually have to write a blog on the stupidity of people I have been interviewing... 
  3. Finally ditched that guy in my life who did nothing but drive me insane for all the wrong reasons, can't believe I was stupid enough to go down that road but lesson 110% learnt. 
  4. Tried snowboarding for the first time and am able to board down the hill backwards but have yet to master the forward skills.... and have mastered the falling on my ass prerequisite required for beginner boarders.
  5. Surely there is more but I can't think of them right now.
Whilst I am in my listing mood, here is what I miss from home:
  1. Real Milo
  2. Caramello koalas and other Aussie chocolate
  3. The gentle tapping of rain on my window at night while I'm trying to sleep (and the harsh rain that makes you scared your window will break!)
  4. Driving to the beach and having fish and chips, even feeding the chips to the seagulls.
  5. Watching a massive thunderstorm at the beach
  6. My car
  7. All my friends - especially Michelle!!! Zara!!!!! Belinda!!!! and Rita!!!!! 
  8. Sand between my toes 
  9. My dad
  10. Williamstown
  11. Southbank and the entire city of Melbourne....
Hmmm... lol... 

What do I like about Canada:
  1. Hot Canadian accents
  2. My Canadian friends
  3. Being close to my mum
  4. It's pretty here
  5. Snowboarding 
  6. Being able to be completely independent
  7. My job
  8. Trucks! 
Shitty post, sorry but I have lost my creative writing ability tonight but I will try to update on a more regular basis.