Thursday, January 31, 2008

Summer Adventures Cont'

I am just so happy right at this moment! I have absolutely NO cash and SANZA have stuffed up my pay this week so I'm getting paid a pittance but I am on such a high.

I had been really disappointed that I wasn't able to fit Portugal into my summer travels this year... I left 5 days in between Morocco and Spain and had hoped to visit Portugal then... Until I realised how difficult it would be for me to get there and by the time I made my way there I'd have to jet off to Barcelona (what a hard life I lead!)

So, I settled for the summer plans I already had which was Morocco, Spain and Turkey and resolved myself to the fact that I'd just be doing that and Scotland this year... Until I reached breaking point. I came to the conclusion that London is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I'd never get this visa again so MAKE THE MOST OF IT!

Hence how I just found myself booking flights to Portugal!

It is a really bizarre way of doing it but I had to do it now before I backed out. Plus it was cheap and I couldn't find direct flights and direct flights are usually with airlines that are ridiculously expensive. Basically, I fly from Istanbul back to London and then fly from London to Lisbon - all on the same day so I really hope EasyJet doesn't have its flight from Istanbul delayed otherwise Portugal will still just be a dream. But, EasyJet are usually pretty good and I've got a few hours in between so I should be okay. I'd rather have a roundabout flight than pay LOADS of extra cash. Sounds crazy but ask any true Aussie traveler in London and they'll give you even more bizarre stories than mine (eg sleeping in toilets because they can't afford accommodation!)

I will be spending a blissful 8 days in Portugal before flying back to London... Possibly spending a few days in London catching up with friends and showing off my tan before jetting off to Canada. I was planning on doing a tour of America before I went to Canada but decided that I'd rather go and see Portugal before I worried about the states. I think when I work in Canada for a while I will save up for all of that then - and if I don't have enough money then I will get a credit card and do ALL of my travels and worry about it when I come home. What is the point in being SO close by if you don't make the most of it? This might sound crazy to alot of you but it makes sense to me and the whole thing works for me.

I just LOVE my life so much and am so glad that I had the guts to go on this amazing adventure!

Just deciding now to book flights to Norway! Heck, I love this having no money but booking everything on my credit card business. Book now, Pay later. Probably a bad philosophy but you know what - WHO CARES! I get to see the world! When else am I going to come back here again? Chances are never so I may as well make it worth it while I am actually here.


Monday, January 28, 2008

Australia Day 2008

Ahh... Australia Day... Nothing can get more patriotic than a bunch of Aussie's sipping on Fosters (only cos it was the cheapest beer in the pub) having a massive BBQ. And instead of all of this happening in Australia... It was all going on down at the good old Redback Tavern in Acton.

We got there at about noon and it was so quiet but we got our free T-shirt and had a few drinks. By about 5 it had picked up and we'd eating our free BBQ burgers that were actually quite tasty. At 7pm we were pretty drunk and were singing wildly to Aussie (and non-Aussie) songs.

I scored a free Aussie flag tattoo and whacked that on my face and I wore my Aussie flag proud and strong that night. Seems that you're always more patriotic when you're in another country.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


This is a show I'd never really thought about seeing but Jade offered really cheap tickets to go and see it so I figured 'why not!'

Basically, the show consists of 8 dancers and they use random items to create music. At one stage they got rubber tubes all cut to different lengths and were tapping them on the floor. Later in the show they used newspapers. It was all very interesting but to be honest there were points when I got quite bored.

Still it was interesting to watch and the way they made their music was really creative.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Ok it is 100% decided. No backing out now.

I am going to Canada.


It is going to be exhausting on me financially but you know what... I can always earn more money. These experiences are worth more than a million pounds. It is worth even more than being handed it on a silver platter because I have worked so hard to get where I am and it is so rewarding. It sucks living on a budget but it has been the most amazing experience and I have learnt so much from it. Had I have stayed in Australia I would be stuck in the same mundane job, doing the same thing, following the same routine. I would never have known all these fabulous people that I have since met in London - some of those bonds are unbreakable.

I know I have whinged and complained and wished many times that I could just jump on the first plane back to Melbourne and never ever have to think about London again.. But you know what - I am so glad that I didn't do that because I would regret it so much. I think I had to learn that it is ok to be who I am and that everyone struggles from time to time. I think London can be hard at the best of times but it's something you just have to deal with. I've come so far to let a few issues worry me and it's taken a long time for me to realise that. I'm not perfect but you know what, I like who I am and that has allowed me to accept everything else that has come my way.

To those of you who have listened to me bitch and whine constantly throughout my London journey - THANK YOU and I appreeciate everything you have done for me since being over here.

Anyway aside from that big ramble... C.A.N.A.D.A!!!

Holly is in Canada and Kirsty is going to Canada. One of the girls I used to work with lived in Canada a few years ago and it just seems like it would be loads of fun. To be honest, I never even thought about Canada or even wanted to spend alot of time in Canada but really - how much fun would it be to spend 6 months in the snow! I can handle snow but I don't think I could handle 6 months of rain. Snow is fun... and I will get to learn how to snowboard... for FREE!

Now I've got to enlist the help of people who've been to Canada so that I have loads of information!

I'm SO excited. It means I won't be home to Melbourne for a while but hey, life goes on without me and I have also figured that life will always be there in Melbourne when I get back. One word comes to mind at the moment - chilled. I am so chilled about the whole thing I wonder how long it'll last before I start to stress...

P.S Thanks to the annon comment bout going home, coming back. Think I kinda decided that it wasn't worth going home and staying there. There is so much to do in London and summer will be awesome (let's just hope the weather gets nice before August cos I won't be in London after that!) Bring on the summer Pimms! Mmm

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Loop Bar

Last night was awesome! We went to this place just off Oxford Circus called 'The Loop Bar' which played cheesy music and old hits. It was the perfect way to celebrate my birthday. We danced all night and you'd be proud of me for staying pretty sober (meaning I remember how I got home last night!)

Some Greek guy decided to attach himself to me for some unknown reason so I had him floating around me all night. Interesting. But I fobbed him off because it was my night and I just wanted to spend it with my friends and have a bit of a dance.

It was amazing how easy it was to get home and how cheap the night was. We never go out in the city so it was a nice change, instead of always going somewhere local. Definitely a fantastic way to start my 24th year!

Now it is Sunday and I am planning on sitting in front of the TV and watching the Bourne Identity movies with a large pizza, maybe some popcorn and chocolate. Screw the diet for today! This whole week has been birthday celebrations galore so I'm going to milk it for ONE more day just cos I can.


After hearing all about the nice sunny Melbourne weather I've been a bit depressed in rainy London... But all that has changed now that I've booked my Spain, Morocco and Turkey tours for August/September. The weather is going to be perfect for 7 whol weeks. Yep, that's right. I will be traveling for around 7 weeks. A long time, I know but I may as well make the most of the summer while I am here. Let's just hope it's not too hot!

I've got Scotland to look forward to in February and then April I'm coming home. I'm looking forward to coming home but I think I'm over the homesickness at the moment. It seems to come and go. After New Years I really just wanted to jump on a plane and never ever have to think about London again but I think it was just that I had such a shit time in Paris and was afraid of what London would be like once I got back.

For my birthday last week, I went out to Brick Lane and got sung Happy Birthday by my friends and one of the waiters brought me a little ice-cream cake which we all shared. It was so sweet. Then a few of us went to see Trudy's friends play the harp at a bar in Old Street... An interesting experience and an early night. We headed off not long after that.

Not much else to report really. Just work and gym - same old!

Luv you all

Monday, January 7, 2008

Decisions & No Internet

First of all, it is really annoying because our house has NO internet connection at the moment yet we're still expected to foot the bill. Because 3 of our house mates are moving out the internet discussion has pretty much come to a halt. So, not sure how often I'll be updating you on my shenanigans from now on.

About the decisions - oh! So complex! I had almost changed my mind about coming home in April and spending time in South American, Spain and Morocco and then coming home for GOOD in August/September but then realised I wouldn't have enough money to do this. So I'm thinking I might go home in April, go back to London until September and then either go to Canada OR come home for good and do Canada next year. Seems I'm still very undecided as to what I want to do. I then pondered staying in London until September and then coming home in September for good... any ideas on what I could do? I'm so confused. I don't want to finish here before I've done at least Spain though - possibly Morocco but I'm in two minds about that now. SO complicated - at least in my head it is.

I am not liking this house. I'm feeling left out because everyone is moving out and the couple is nice but they do their own thing. I really just wanted a house where everyone meshed together and did stuff as a house... London did not turn out how I expected it to. I think I held too many expectations and as you know, when you expect something it always turns out differently. When you have the least expectations is when things turn out best I've always found!

Well the internet I'm 'borrowing' is on limited time so I'm going to end this here before I lose the entire lot.


Friday, January 4, 2008


It is 4.20am and I cannot sleep! I have been sitting awake in my bed since 10pm and have tried listening to my iPod to get to sleep, counting coloured sheep (backwards of course) and dreaming I won a lot of money (but that kept me awake as I tried to spend it all). So, I'm pretty much sitting here in bed waiting for tiredness to hit.

I'm pretty sure it has a lot to do with America and then flying off to Paris straight after. In our hostel in Paris we had some stupid Brazilians in our room who left the light on til 2am and turned it on at 7am when they got up so my body is used to light at weird hours and it is struggling to recognise the hours when I should be sleeping. Hopefully this passes soon. I've set my clock for 9am so no matter how tired I am, I will get up at and hopefully shove my body into a shock so I will be able to sleep during normal sleeping hours.

I'm starting to get tired now so might head off in a few minutes. As for America, it was amazing to see my mum and I had a great time. I miss her already and the little doggies. Sam mainly because he was so cute and responded to me whereas Max was a lazy sod who really didn't care I was there at all. We had a nice Christmas and it SNOWED - my first white Christmas. I was excited although a bit worried I wouldn't make my flight the next day (although after New Years I wish my flight had been delayed because I would have had more fun with mum). I went into Seattle and browsed around in Pike's Market, had breakfast and yummy pankcake restaurant and attempted ice-skating although the ice wasn't even and the skates were dodgy so I lasted less than half an hour before we left.

Paris sucked completely for reasons which I can't even be bothered thinking about anymore but I know why it sucked and I'll have to deal with a shit start to 2008. Nevermind cos 2008 is going to be a great year. I can feel it in my bones!

Happy New Year to you all and for my Melbourne friends who I don't even think read this anymore - I will see you in APRIL!