Monday, December 18, 2006

Another Big Night

Oh man, well, the gym Christmas party was at Volt and at $50 a ticket with spirits included, how was I to say no??

I stupidly took my camera because I am on this massive 'lets take heaps of photos' phase and my camera got a bit drunk (I'm pretty sure it was vodka) and is still in recovery as some of the buttons are still a bit sticky!

Nevertheless, it was a great night - from what I remember anyway!

On a random note - Belinda and I went to Robbie William's concert last night and I swear he was on drugs. Anyways, beside the point, he was SO hot. I love Robbie and his song 'Strong' is awesome. The lyrics just make me melt...

And you know and you know
'Cos my life's a mess
And I'm trying to grow so before
I'm old I'll confess
You think that I'm strong you're wrong
You're wrong
I'll sing my song my song my song

Til next time...

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