Monday, December 10, 2007

Sober Shenannigans

Well you've all heard about my drunken shenannigans and had some good laughs at those.. This time I can honestly tell you that the adventure you are about to read about next is almost alcohol free... I had only had one glass of vodka (which was only 22% based as opposed to the normal 44% I drink) so therefore I was pretty sober.

I was at Kirra and Jade's house and we were going to a club and as we were about to leave I realised I left my ID at my house. Now, we've rarely been asked for ID but at this place we were going to (Fabric) we heard that it's quite common for them to ask for ID. So, me erring on the side of caution decided that we should go back to my house, get my ID and then head out. The girls agreed and I hurried them along as a bus was coming in 10 minutes time (and they only come every half an hour).

As we were walking down their uneven, paved street, I trip.. with a glass bottle in my hand... normally I manage to regain my balance but this time, I did not. So down I go and SMASH goes the bottle... and SPLIT goes my hand. Blood goes everywhere. Kirra and Jade pick me up, by this stage I'm sobbing because I can see the blood. I close my eyes and refuse to open them. The girls try to take me back to their house which is 2 mins away but I refuse because otherwise we'll end up missing the bus back to my house.

We get to the bus station and a man walks past who sees me crying.. he shouts out 'hey love, there's no need to cry'... I hold up my bloody hand and he gives a surprised look before hurrying away. The bus comes and my hand is dripping with blood and I'm scared the driver won't let me on so we try to 'hide' the hand. It works and we get on the bus with me still sobbing until 10 minutes later I'm home.

After we wash, dry and bandage my hand we're ready to go.

Fabric was amazing and it is an awesome club and after a while I completely forgot about my hand. Although the next day I decided it would be wise if I went to the doctors to check for glass. They X-rayed it and there was no glass and thankfully I didn't need stitches.

An eventful night!

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Anonymous said...

I think Shenanigans is spelt thus.
Mind you, it's not a common word in this country.