Friday, January 4, 2008


It is 4.20am and I cannot sleep! I have been sitting awake in my bed since 10pm and have tried listening to my iPod to get to sleep, counting coloured sheep (backwards of course) and dreaming I won a lot of money (but that kept me awake as I tried to spend it all). So, I'm pretty much sitting here in bed waiting for tiredness to hit.

I'm pretty sure it has a lot to do with America and then flying off to Paris straight after. In our hostel in Paris we had some stupid Brazilians in our room who left the light on til 2am and turned it on at 7am when they got up so my body is used to light at weird hours and it is struggling to recognise the hours when I should be sleeping. Hopefully this passes soon. I've set my clock for 9am so no matter how tired I am, I will get up at and hopefully shove my body into a shock so I will be able to sleep during normal sleeping hours.

I'm starting to get tired now so might head off in a few minutes. As for America, it was amazing to see my mum and I had a great time. I miss her already and the little doggies. Sam mainly because he was so cute and responded to me whereas Max was a lazy sod who really didn't care I was there at all. We had a nice Christmas and it SNOWED - my first white Christmas. I was excited although a bit worried I wouldn't make my flight the next day (although after New Years I wish my flight had been delayed because I would have had more fun with mum). I went into Seattle and browsed around in Pike's Market, had breakfast and yummy pankcake restaurant and attempted ice-skating although the ice wasn't even and the skates were dodgy so I lasted less than half an hour before we left.

Paris sucked completely for reasons which I can't even be bothered thinking about anymore but I know why it sucked and I'll have to deal with a shit start to 2008. Nevermind cos 2008 is going to be a great year. I can feel it in my bones!

Happy New Year to you all and for my Melbourne friends who I don't even think read this anymore - I will see you in APRIL!

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