Thursday, March 20, 2008

New York, New York!

I seem to have this compulsion when it comes to spending money. Before I know it, I rack up mounds of debt on my credit card (all of which I will be able to pay back) but nevertheless it sucks to even think about!

My most recent transaction which I have purchased is my flights to CANADA! But before I get to Canada I have decided to do some sightseeing in the USA so I have booked a flight to New York for the 8th of December and am spending a week or so there and then I will fly to Seattle on the 13th of December where I will once again spend Christmas with my mum. On the 28th of December I will then be flying to Vancouver where I am hoping that Kirsty will still be there because otherwise I will have a very boring New Years Eve alone in Canada but then there are months between now and then so who knows what will happen.

So, it's definitely happening! I'm going to Canada. With what money though, I do not know! I worked out my budget and I am extremely poor until now and then. Guess I'll have to try harder to save especially now I know that I definitely will be in Canada for snowboarding season!

Bring on the S.N.O.W!

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