Friday, March 7, 2008

Fickle Friends?

Another gripe about London being lonely. All my friends seem to have boyfriends or just are ridiculously busy at the moment. Also I am beyond broke which means anything I do want to do needs to be carefully planned and budgeted for (although my budgeting skills are quite lame so that never quite works as well as I hope).

I am sick of sharing a room because Meg always seems to be home and hovering around which can be awesome and she is so lovely but because I'm feeling annoyed and frustrated this just adds to everything already going on! I know that once I get on top of things room sharing will go back to being okay. Maybe spending a month back in Aus with my own room around my friends will help sort me out.

As for my house, well it has really changed. I am no longer 'new' and have not been 'new' for a long time now but it has reached the point where I have been living in the house second longest... and about 5 people have moved in within the past month and a half and 4 people are moving out within the next month - so a complete house hold change. This adds to the fun of the house and it has become loads more social but at the same time I can sense trouble brewing... Last night Aimee asked if I had seen her Dove shower gel because it had gone missing (basically asking me outright if I'd taken it) and when I'd said I never seen it, let alone would never take someone else's shower gel she didn't seem so sure. I keep all of my bathroom products in a toiletries bag so I know where all my stuff is and I mentioned this to Aimee. 'That's not very homely', Aimee replied to which I told her 'at least I know none of MY things will go missing' and she shrugged her shoulders. Get over the missing shower gel if you're going to leave it in a bathroom which 11 people use on a daily basis! Okay so maybe I'm the one whose not being nice. Who bloody knows.

What else to moan about.. I could moan about the word 'moan'. English use this word like it is going out of fashion! It drives me insane but some of the stupid sayings I've picked up are driving me insane but I hardly realise I use them anymore.. for example, I notice that I've started saying 'hiya' which really irritated me for the first year of me being here ... actually, it STILL annoys me... but I just can't seem to stop that 'ya' coming out at the end once I've finished saying 'hi'.

That's it from me today! Until next time...


Anonymous said...

Why don't you have a boyfriend?

Simone said...

cos i dont want one - too much effort and i travel too much for it to work. plus all the guys that i seem to meet in london dont want a relationship cos they are there to travel... or im just not interested in them other than as a friend or vise versa!!

what is the point having a boyfriend if you're not that keen on him? im still waiting for the right one to come along