Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I'm coming home

I have some good and exciting news. I have decided to go home for 2 weeks during Easter next year. It is a scary thought to know that I will be visiting home again but at the same time I am so excited to know that I will be seeing familiarity again.

Even though it is ages away I can't stop thinking that it will be a weird experience. I will be seeing friends and family that I won't have seen for over a year. I will be seeing the same shops and streets and seeing how things have changed in the year that I will have been gone. Someone said that maybe when I get home I won't want to go back to London but I can't help but think that when I go home it will make me realise that I never want to go back for good. Either way it is a long time away and I am extremely excited at the prospect of seeing friends/family from home again.

I've finally settled into London really well and it's amazing how far I've come. Looking back, I can see that I've become such a strong person. I wouldn't change being here for the world which is why I think going home is going to be so strange.

On another note, I have moved into my new house in Chiswick and it is great. My room mate is nice and she doesn't snore so that's nice. I'm hoping to have a BBQ when I get back from Greece because Kelly is moving into my room with me and I think it'd be nice for us to have a BBQ to celebrate.


Anonymous said...

Do you snore, though?

Pru said...

Hi Simone!
Going home for a visit is the weirdest thing ever - but I'm sure you will love it. It does make you realise though that nothing has changed and you're not missing out on that much! It does make you appreciate all the cool things you are doing over here - just watch out about referring to London as 'home' as I did on several occasions (well, I had been away for two years when I went back). I don't think that made my parents too happy! Just enjoy the time with your friends, family and the weather, and know that oit's all going to be there when you go back for good! (when you're ready!)

Good to hear the new house is a success xxx