Monday, August 13, 2007

Roomsharing isn't so bad!

I remember swearing that I would never share a room ever while I was in London... until I got here and realised that the more money I pay for rent means the less money I have to spend on other worthwhile things like travel, clothes and alcohol.

So, I went from my gorgeous flat in Putney to my shit-hole place in Shepherd's Bush. Six months of not being happy where I was living totally sucked and made my experience in London not so fun. Where you live plays a big part in your happiness. Anyways, I decided that I was going to be fussy with the location of my new house but I was also going to be fussy about my new flatmates.

And I finally struck gold!
Okay, so I am now sharing a room with a 24 year old Kiwi but there are several benefits to this household...
  1. There are always people home at night which means I always have someone to talk to if I so wish.
  2. Roomsharing is kind of fun, we can have a chat and giggle before bed (and Kelly is moving into my room at the start of September so that will be even better!)
  3. With 9 people around it means more chances to make more friends.
  4. The house is huge and we have a sun room and a decent sized backyard (suitable for holding summer BBQs!)
  5. We have DVD nights - I never had that at my old houses!
  6. It's so cheap to live here!
  7. It's 2 minutes walk to heaps of buses and the tube station.
  8. My street runs right off Chiswick High Street which means loads of restuarants, cafes and shops in front of my doorstep.

Do I need to say more about why I love my house so much? I will take some photos and post them up when I get a chance. I haven't had the internet at home lately. Oh, the dramas with that, lol. I forgot that sometimes my new house isn't 100% fantastic. My flatmates have realised I have a laptop and I get the feeling they're going to want to use it from time to time... they've already started. I'm going to have to nip that in the bud soon cos I'm a bit too protective with my computer for them to use it!

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