Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Scottish Highlands!

Ahh, back at work today after spending a good four days in Scotland. Traveling makes me remember that living in London is all worth while because I had such a great time while I was away.

I caught the Mega Bus up to Edinburgh which is where my tour left from and it only cost me £6 return! Fabulous. I didn't even care that it was a NINE hour bus ride because it was so cheap. I explored Edinburgh for a day and it is such a gorgeous city. There is a castle that lies on top of a hill which is an extinct volcano... pretty amazing stuff. The whole city was just so vibrant and everywhere you turned you were looking at some old building or monument of some kind.

Then I started my MacBACKPACKERS tour for three days which was so much fun. There were only 12 people on my tour with 8 of them being part of a couple... lucky there were three others traveling solo and we got along so well. I got along really well with Cameron, the token Kiwi, and we ended up having a bit of a pash in the staff quarters on the first night - turns out he has a girlfriend waiting for him back in NZ and the rest of the trip he was really quiet and he apologized for this on the last day saying he felt really guilty.. Oops for him but I didn't do anything wrong, I thought they'd broken up. 
As for Scotland itself... all I can say is WOW! The country is so beautiful. Everywhere we went in the Highlands we saw mountains with streams running through them and quite often we saw pretty waterfalls. We were meant to go for a hike up a mountain but it ended up raining so much that we didn't go.

I'm struggling to even find the words to use to describe how much fun and how beautiful Scotland is. I am really glad that I made an effort to go. Check out the photos and they don't even begin to show how dramatic and fantastic the landscape truly is.


Anonymous said...

did you get a peek under the skirt that guy is wearing lol

Simone said...

it was quite windy, almost caught a glimpse but not quite close enough to suss it out..

Amanda said...

Glad to see you loved Scotland! And you even got to meet Hamish, bonus! :)