Monday, June 16, 2008

Sweet Little Old Ladies and Gentlemen...

This has been something that bugged me on the drive home from work today. Everyone seems to think that old people are so sweet and innocent. I was listening to the radio and the presenter said something along the lines of 'there was an armed robbery last night and there was an old lady in the store when the robbery occured' and I went 'awww I hope the little old lady is okay' but then was thinking about it the rest of the drive home. I have a theory.

The little old lady may APPEAR sweet and innocent but she is really not. She was probably a bitch in high school and treated everyone like shit so now she is getting her bad karma by being held up by some scared 17 year old kid who needs money to buy a baby food for his pregnant girlfriend. Okay, so the guy holding up the store isn't innocent either but it really bugs me that they make all old people appear innocent. She may have been in jail herself when she was younger for dealing drugs but because she is old, the media makes her out to be some innocent victim when she has probably been more dangerous than the kid with the gun shoved in her face.

See where I'm going with this?

Yes, a totally random thought but I think it is a valid point. Just because someone is old does not automatically mean they should get an 'aww you're so sweet' card. Just because they may not be able to run fast (or run at all) and need a walking stick (which they could probably use to trip you over or if you're unlucky, belt you over the head with) does not mean that they are nice people. We as a population should say NO to treating old people nicely just for the sake of it. Take a stand and if that old biddy decides to glare at you or tut at you under his breath then don't smile nicely at him and say 'ohhh he's just old and bitter'. Being old does not mean that you can all of a sudden repent for the years of bad behaviour and shitty treatment of other people.

And what also really annoys me is the old people who LOOK sweet and innocent. You know the ones I mean. The ones who are real grandmothery with their bags of lollies and presents for the grandkids and any kids. The ones who are all smiles and seem really genuine. Well, I think they are hiding something. I think they are shifty and I don't trust them because they look too good to be true. They are probably the worst offenders. Check under their grandmothery attire and I am sure you will come across wrinkly, discoloured tattoos and scars from belly button and nipple piercings. It almost makes me think of that old witch from the Hansel and Gretel who lures the kids in with sweets and once she's got them under her wing she wants taint them with her cynical ways.

Okay can I just state that I do not really believe this (well, I do believe that not all old people are sweet and shouldn't be trusted) and that this is just a random post gone haywire!

So, you have been warned. Old people = keep an eye out because they were young once too. Just because they don't have the stamina they once had does not mean that they are nice people. Just because they are old does not mean that they deserve our respect. Sure, if they smile at you, smile back - if only for the fact that you don't know that they're going use their wrinkled fingers to call their drug lord son who will get his mob onto you just because you didn't smile at them when they were wheeling their trolley past the lolly aisle... Old people are scary at the best of times.

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