Monday, June 30, 2008

Crazy Capers... Hostels

I am suffering from house arrest and along impending travels has got me thinking reminiscing about past travels especially in regards to hostels... I am going to be spending ALOT of time in hostels over the next 3-4 months and it is kind of exciting because I've met so many cool people at hostels.. I've also met a lot of freaks.

Going back through previous entries, I couldn't find anything on Dave or Louise so I just have to give tribute a post to these two people who were absolutely crazy but made hostel life so interesting (because they really were so crazy).

Dave... A 30 year old Lithuanian man who had come to the UK to make a better life for himself... by DEALING DRUGS! The first night I met him, he seemed so sweet and had a cute accent and wasn't bad looking... and then the second night I met him he pulled a bag of small white tablets out of his suitcase and offered me a free sample (which I quickly stashed somewhere 'safe' and later flushed down the toilet)... He then kept asking me if I would like to come with him on his drug dealing escapades which I politely refused - he couldn't understand why I wasn't interested because you make so much money apparently!

Then, he used to come into the hostel room off his face at random hours of the morning and when he fell asleep, he shook the bed... it drove me nuts. One day, the room stunk and I found about a dozen banana peels on the floor next to the wall of my bed. I was horrified. Dave came in that afternoon and I was lying on my bed and he came over to me and started patting and playing with my hair and trying to talk to me about random stuff. I'd had enough so I calmly told him to eff off and to never, EVER, leave banana peels lying next to my bed because it was dirty and disgusting and a whole bunch of other stuff that I can't remember now. He walked out of the room and was a little bit more reserved towards me from that day on... I think by that stage I was ready to leave the hostel and had had enough so didn't care either way.

Then, there was Louise.. the crazy cane woman who used to go to Oxford Street chanting and shaking her stick at people. She used to mutter and talk to herself in the hostel room and would start singing at random. She would pick her moods as to when she wanted to speak to you and she never did like me, mainly because I thought she was a nutter and didn't want anything to do with her! Kelly liked her though. Kel and I went for a walk down Oxford Street, many months after we'd moved on from the hostel and saw Louise with her cane shaking it around and ranting and raving about... well, we're not sure what she was on about but it was something to do with religion.

They are the two who stand out in my mind mainly because I spent a month sharing a room with them - not by choice - and I am excited by the new people I will meet on my adventures.


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Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog, its so cool hearing about the world through your eyes. Keep it coming.