Thursday, January 25, 2007

Luggage Woes

Well, it seems that it WAS a good idea to attempt packing my bags ten days before I go because it seems I have a small, tiny dilemma...

My main suitcase is underweight by about 5 kilos while my carry-on luggage is overweight by about 4 kilos! 'Simple', I hear you say. 'Just put some of the things that are in your carry on luggage into your suitcase'.. Problem solved, right?


Firstly, my suitcase is completely full, there is NO spare room anywhere. Come to think of it, I am suprised my zip even went all the way up (ok so maybe it wasn't that bad). Secondly, my carry-on luggage still has a spare bit of room in it for more stuff! So, I'm in a pickle and am not sure what to do because I really don't want to have to unpack everything in a different way! Argh, the joys of packing.

I even think I've packed too many clothes and could probably get away with half of what I packed but then I'd get to London and want the thing that I decided not to pack! Of course.

I figure that since I am going to London to LIVE and not for a holiday then if I do need something then I can always buy it.

So, even though packing my suitcase is a pain, I am excited about heading to London and I'm wanting to work as soon as I can so I can start getting £££ paid into my soon to be activated British bank account!!

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Pru said...

Hey Simone

No-one will weigh your hand luggage so I wouldn't worry about it! As long as it is around the right size you'll be fine. I just flew home from Heathrow and I think my hand luggage weighed about 15kgs!