Wednesday, January 17, 2007

So frustrating

I am a little bit frustrated because it seems that everyone I talk to about my upcoming London adventure seems to find something to criticize about.

I know I am taking a big risk by leaving life as I currently know it but this is my choice and I actually have done a lot of 'research' and am not going into this adventure without some sort of idea of what I'm getting myself into (then again, that is half the fun!) Sure, it will be different and I am not expecting this change to be easy but I didn't expect people to be so negative towards me wanting to do this.

Sure, I get that people are trying to help but you should know me better than to think that I wouldn't think things through. Ultimately, it is my life and regardless of anyones opinion, I will do exactly what I want to do and I am sick of people trying to bring me down. This is an exciting time for me and I am finally achieving this dream so please, think about how your words might make me feel before you give me some more 'advice'. Just be excited for me and trust that I will make the right decisions!


1 comment:

Ang-ang said...

dont mind them just go! and enjoy your travel!