Sunday, January 21, 2007

My Going Away Party

Last night was my going away party. I wanted to have a BBQ but due to weather forecasts, decided against it - however, in typical Melbourne style the weather was the complete opposite of what was forecasted. Instead of being 38 degress, it was raining, although it was still warm.

I thought it was a great night, a chance to catch up with everyone at least one last time before I leave. I remember just talking about my party and waiting for it to arrive and then all of a sudden *bang* without any warning, January 20 arrived. Time is going so fast!

As for London, I'm a tiny bit nervous but mainly I'm excited. I think I'm excited because at the moment I'm not really focusing on the fact that I will have to work once I'm there (and I've heard stories that the kids in the UK are horrible - but I guess I'll find out for myself soon enough!)

Oh work reminds me of money and money reminds me of the crap exchange rate between the Aussie dollar and British pound... I converted $600 and I got £220... I nearly cried. £220 is the equivilent of two days teaching in the UK - so bring on the work when I arrive otherwise I will be extremely poor!

p.s thanks to those of you who gave me gorgeous cards at my party (and presents!) - you shouldn't have cos it makes me sad cos I still kind of forget that I'm leaving!

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