Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Well I can say that I've been in London for over a year now. I'm so proud of myself for seeing this through and not giving up when times have gotten tough. I've traveled loads and have made some amazing friends... yet I feel incredibly lonely. I am surrounded by these amazing people and never am bored on weekends yet I almost find myself thinking that these are people who are really good friends but at the same time aren't people I feel comfortable sharing my whole self with...

It's funny because I don't miss Australia but I miss having my close friends. I've been speaking to some of my good friends back home which almost in a way makes me think I haven't made as much as an effort with the friends over here. It's almost like in the back of my mind I keep thinking 'well I'm going to be leaving London soon, what's the point?' which is a really stupid mentality to have.

I've got a really good network of friends which has been increasing rapidly and I love that. The most frustrating part is that I'm barely going to be here to get to know these new friends that I've made because of my travel plans. I adore living in London but it has it's downsides too. That happens to be one of them.

Not much I can do about that though I suppose unless I decide to stay in London longer (which I won't because it means I'd have to teach full time and get sponsored which I don't really want to do!)

To the point, I just feel lonely.. all my good friends are either gone or have boyfriends which leaves me single and bored cos they all couple up on the weekend leaving me to do nothing... Everyone always says that being part of a couple doesn't change the way they act with their friends but they totally do... Time to start hanging out with some new, single friends I think!

Hope you guys back in Melb are all doing well - not long until I see you now!

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Anonymous said...

You've done so well Simone.. Everytime I get scared about going to Canada alone I think of you.. You've done it and seem to be having a ball, no reason why I can't do the same!
Keep your chin up, things can be lonely in Melbourne when your friends are coupled up too.. So like you said, it's time to spend more time with your single friends!!
Kirsty xx