Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sad House

Everyone in my house is moving out and I'm a bit sad. Things have been going really well lately and as soon as I feel I've found my feet, everyone is leaving.

Also by the time I move out and get a new place I will only be in London for 3 months again before I'm off traveling. So, I may find an awesome house but only be there for a short time. I kind of wish I'd had a better house while I'd been here. By better, I mean more social but this house has been okay.

As I've already mentioned, I can't change my experience here. I can only live and learn and be happy with what's already happened. When I come back in May I will try and find a more sociable house. Who knows, I may even decide that I don't even like that kind of house! Change is good but at the same time it is really sad.

Another annoying thing is my phone bill! I seem to rack up an amazing amount each month - HOW! I try so hard not to text so to all of my friends back home, know that I love you but I will not be texting anymore - Seriously this time.

Argh, annoying work story (haven't had one of these for a while)...
Firstly, the bloody bus took FOREVER (literally 20 minutes) to arrive at the station and when it finally did arrive it was chockers full of young kids on their way to school. We were lucky to even get on that bus. Driving along with the kids being noisy and silly, trying to open the buses back doors when the bus was moving, and just being stupid. The driver got so annoyed that he stopped the bus and yelled to the kids "oi, get off the bus yeah. I'm not moving this bus til some of you get off yeah. Seriously, I'm about to call the cops yeah." I wanted to punch the bus driver out for the amount of times he said 'yeah'. You do not end a sentence with the word 'yeah' EVER!

So, I get to school and have a lovely day, with the exception of a few kids being mildly annoying. During the last session when some of the kids were playing up I warned them that the next person who spoke would be sent out of the room... Of course, a kid called out, so I pulled him up on it and sent him to the teacher next door. Ten minutes later I find out he never even went and was just sitting in the hallway. So, I send him into the other teachers room (mind you he's whinging he doesn't know why I sent him out in the first place - and he knew EXACTLY why after being warned ALL day) and another 10 minutes later he is STILL in the hallway. Whatever, I bring him back into the room, by this stage he is in tears although who knows why.

All is good til after school when I go to the office to get my time sheet signed and see him and mum standing there complaining about me... *SIGH* so I chat to mum to attempt to explain the situation and basically get called a liar and I do not know her son and shouldn't treat him so badly... What an absolute cracker of a day. The teacher spoke to me and basically said I'd done a good job in the class today and not to worry. He said he'd be happy to have me back in the school and mum is a nutcase.

Job done!

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