Wednesday, February 13, 2008

WHOA Money Crisis!

Now I know why I have been in such financial stress this whole year. I worked out how much I have earnt this past year and it is approximately £300 a week. This is because I spent about 2 and a half months last year out of London traveling but still - I was shocked cos Kirra earns about £280 a week and she still can't afford anything. I guess it shows that budgeting works.. but then I also spent LOADS of my own Australian funds which worked out to quite a bit of travel...

Still, I'm not complaining, the only reason I'm annoyed it cos it means I won't be able to apply for my highly skilled visa but I'm thinking if I want to stay in London I will try to get sponsored. I'm not sure what I want to do yet, I will know more once I visit Melbourne but I want to know my options for staying in London. There is SO much I want to do in England and I've done alot of traveling in Europe but have barely seen the English countryside. So, I've decided when I come back in May I will be doing some weekends away and day trips.

Ahh... the hard life I lead..

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