Friday, February 20, 2009

London, Fog & Rain

10 things I miss about the UK...

  1. The ridiculously overcrowded tube in which people are packed in as tight as sardines. I especially miss the stinky armpits pushed up against my nose from the sweaty business men who look like they could use a ten-year free gym membership... eww;
  2. Terrace style housing that are old and run down with cracks in the wall but somehow always managed to feel like home;
  3. Rain and rain and rain and the dusty fog that always manages to accompany this relentless rain;
  4. Ahh the nightlife... the bars, the clubs, the action!! The REDBACK (yes, I know, lame, but some seriously good nights to be had there!)
  5. Music festivals at Hyde Park;
  6. Sharing a room for 8 months with a girl who never washed her sheets and had a dildo hidden in between the sheets... hilarious night when we discovered that!
  7. Random hostel stories that accumulated with travel adventures;
  8. Walking down Oxford Street and getting frustrated at the hoards of people who would stand, awestruck, at the city of London;
  9. Going for walks down the Thames;
  10. My one night job as a bartender on a riverboat that cruised down the Thames! 
But all that being said, I loved my time in London, wish I utilised it better but I love my life where I am now and love what I have achieved. I feel so good about how things have turned out (minus the lack of money thing) but I've learnt a lot about who I am and what I want in life..

I can never get London back, nor would I want to - I loved what I had but it was time for me to leave and here I am in Canada and whether I will stay here for years or whether I go home at the end of 2009, whatever choice I make, I will survive - and that is something I often forget. Choices can be made but they are only a choice. Nothing will ever break me down so badly that I can't pick myself back up. I've always been able to jump back up, brush off the dust and start again. 

At the end of this month I move into my new house and am excited about that. I have a wicked room mate and she will be a lot of fun. Work is going well, I am still indecisive about what exactly I want to do but welcome to the life of Simone - indecisive is my middle name! Speaking of names, in Canada, I have gotten such a variety of names...
~ Simeron
~ Samantha
~ Tim 
~ Simoen
~ Tamera (this one is my favourite!) 

And other random names... Apparently they don't understand my accent. Speaking of accents, apparently Janelle (work colleague) thinks my accent is still really thick, Aussie accent. Surprising since I've been gone for two years and even when I went home I felt that my accent wasn't as strong as it once was.... but I guess she has been here six years so her accent would be weaker than mine....

Choices... if only someone could give me a crystal ball and tell me which choice would be the best one to make. 

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