Friday, June 15, 2007

Heathrow Injection

The rumours are true!

The Heathrow Injection is what antipodeans call the unwanted weight gain we all manage to get once we arrive in London..

I remember someone telling me about the Heathrow Injection before I came to London and I vowed that it would not happen to me... And for 3 months I went happily along my merry way eating McDonalds and chocolate and fried food like it was going out of fashion - which as you all know was something I was very cautious about doing towards the last 6 months prior to me leaving Australia. I figured that I was on holiday and that I wouldn't gain weight because I was on holidays.. a very logical assumption!

Now, you would think that me gaining a few kilos wouldn't be such a suprise.. pfft.. well, it took 3 months before I even noticed I'd put on any weight and at first I brushed it aside until I realised that my jeans are a bit more snug then they used to be... Devastating news.

So, I vowed that I would start a diet and join a gym... I think I mentioned in a previous post that I joined Fitness First which is a great gym and I manage to get there a couple of times a week. I could go more

(and this is where it gets ridiculous...)

I figure that if I have eaten chocolate or BBQ Shapes (yep, I found them in London but they're bloody expensive) or any other 'naughty' foods then I don't bother going to the gym even if I feel like exercising because I figure I've already fucked up so what's the point in going cos all I'm going to work off is a smidgen of the 'naughty' food so really going to the gym would be a waste of time.. yeh guys I know - you really don't need to tell me how warped that sounds cos I know I'm nuts.

At the same time if I eat healthy it gives me such a boost and makes me want to go to the gym cos I figure I don't have that much to burn off so I am more motivated to go to the gym. So, if I just eat healthy then I will want to go to the gym more anyway and vice versa. Simple right?

Now all I have to do is put those practices in place and watch the weight fall back off. Oh I told my friends that I was giving up alcohol and whoa the price I'd pay to see their reactions again. They all think I am nuts which I probably am but you know what, this is my experience and I don't want to go home fatter then what I came!


Abi said...

oh my gosh! i really know what you mean - thing is...ive been here 8 months and put on 7kgs since i arrived...its the only thing i hate about london (and transport;) - but the thing with me is, i think im more active, eat better and excercise more than i did back home...and i dont eat ANY fast food...EVER!!! im really starting to wonder what it is about the UK that makes everyone fat!!! i dont understand it...your not along missy! :( sob sob!

Abi said...

i meant alone...not along...ha ha...

cyberjanet said...

You posted (I think) on my earlier blog about Heathrow Injection and now I'm posting on yours! You can stop fooling yourself about those occasional Big Macs you had; diet and exercise have little impact I'm afraid. I've just come back from an endocrinologist (and blogged about it) who says there is a genetic trigger for the syndrome. Exercise is good, but you may want to seriously look at a low-carb or GL diet that restricts the flow of sugar and insulin into your bloodstream. You're a lot younger than I am and it would be interesting to see if that diet approach would work.