Friday, June 8, 2007

Les Misérables

Normally Thursday is just another night of the week for me but tonight I went to see
Les Misérables at the Queens Theater with the girls I went to Wales with. It was one of the best productions I have seen. The music was amazing, the story was fantastic and the cast was great!

The reason we went to see Les Misérables tonight was because one of Connie's flat mates is actually part of the cast and plays Eponine. So, after we saw the show Sabrina (the girl who plays Eponine) invited us backstage!

We got to go behind the scenes of Les Misérables and saw Sabrina's dressing room and we even got to try on a few costumes but of course I didn't bring my camera (and I always forget to bring it for exciting, once in a life-time opportunity stuff!) so when I get the photos from Connie I will post some up on my blog.

It was so low-key though. We were all expecting some elaborate stage and massive dressing rooms but it was really quite small and not what I was expecting from such a large production. Very interesting though and I am thrilled I had this experience.

As for the show, I would definitely recommend that you see it if you get the chance because it was amazing.

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Anonymous said...

yes les miserable is a great show saw it in oz many years ago, glad you are enjoying it all cant wait to see photos, love you