Monday, June 18, 2007

o2 Wireless Music Festival

Kirra invited us to the o2 Wireless Music Festival which went for 4 days with heaps of different bands playing. The line-up was pretty good and we went on Sunday with the Kaiser Chiefs being the main band. I would have preferred to have gone on the Thursday when the White Stripes and Queens of the Stone Age were playing but nevertheless it was a great day!

We met up with some of Jade's British friends which was great because we don't really know a lot of British people, especially since we live in Shepherd's Bush which is known for it's huge Aussie / Kiwi population.

The festival was held in Hyde Park and it's awesome to be able to say that I went to a music festival in Hyde Park over summer! Originally I wasn't going to go but Jade reminded me that we're only going to be in London once and we should make the most of every opportunity.

There were carnival rides that we could go on so we chose to go on the Dodgem Cars. I haven't been on them for years. It was awesome. We were sitting on the grass in front of the main stage watching the bands and waiting for Kaiser Chiefs to come on when Kirra and I left to get a drink. As we were walking back with our drinks I spotted this guy who was standing alone so I decided in my drunken state that I'd go up and talk to him. He was British so of course I kept talking to him while Kirra walked off on me and once Kirra had walked off he offered to take me on a carnival ride... who was I to be rude and say no?? So, we went on a ride with him and his sister and I ended up spending the rest of the night with them. Kirra and Jade weren't too impressed but we did try to find them but by the time we'd headed back to the main stage area there were so many people that we just couldn't get back to them.

It was such a fun day and I am so glad that I went. Plus, I scored a date with that British guy which is a bonus. So, I will have to keep you updated on that!


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Anonymous said...

I love the Kaiser Chiefs! I was listening to them on the way home from work and thinking I should really see them again. They're coming back soon so maybe I will
Yay for dates! Definitely keep us updated on that one..