Monday, March 19, 2007

St Patrick's Day

Last night was St Patrick's day and Kelly and I decided to go out and celebrate in style. She came bearing gifts and gave me an awesome green headband which had bells on the top that were attached to springs so they jingled whenever we moved our head! Awesome fun! I wore a cute green dress and the headband Kelly bought matched my dress exactly - fantastic co-ordination!

We had agreed to meet at 7.15pm in Leicester Square - but as always I was running late - but it wasn't just me, the tube was crowded and it keep stopping every two minutes - anyways, so we went to this great Italian chain called Bella Italia which serves reasonably priced Italian food. We got a pizza to share with a bottle of Rose and then decided to find an Irish pub to complete our night...

We decided to head back to this pub we'd briefly been inside before called Waxy O'Connors - a great pub with several levels and themed rooms - there is a tree room which has a tree (fake of course) coming out of the wall which you can sit under, as well as various other rooms but the line was so long and we were cold so we decided to try and find somewhere else. We were walking back through Leicester Square when we bumped into this guy handing out free passes to this 'sport / dance / bar' across the road. I saw the words 'free' and 'dance' so Kelly and I decided we'd check this place out.

It was called Sirroco and oh my goodness - it was awesome! The drinks were quite reasonably priced for the location, although one of the bar staff didn't know how to serve Jager bombs (yes B, I had my first JagerBomb!!!) as she tried to put the red bull into a tiny glass - WITH ICE - and then she tried to put the shot of Jager in the glass with the red bull so I was standing there at the bar directing this chick as to how she should serve us our drink!

Even though we didn't end up at an Irish pub, Kelly and I had the best time at this place. We managed to get ourselves a comfy couch upstairs and occasionally went downstairs to dance. So sleazy though, the guys were coming onto us thick and hard. Seriously, you had one guy with his hand on your butt and another guy was trying to pull you away from that guy and pash you - when it was clear another guy was trying to chat you up. It was definitely a fun night though and Kelly and I want to go back because the music was awesome to dance to and it is central for both of us!


Anonymous said...

sounds like u had fun!!! Sorry i havnt emailed u much i will try to more hehe...oh and im stillgoin out with that Shaun guy heheh well catch ya Love u & miss ya heaps xoxoxox

Anonymous said...

hi simone, you look so cute , suits you green glad you had a great time i wore red on S P day. lol
love you

Bianca said...

jager bomb's rock! hehehe had a few this weekend aswell (for carson's birthday). a great night.... they kept me up till about 5.30am though!
it looks like you had fun at the irish place, i like your dress! you go out so much more than you did when you were at home with us! thats great you should e livin it up.
any way im on rounds at the moment and i have heaps to do before i leave for the pub tonight! ill speak to ya soon!
love B

Carly said...

Haha! Celebrating St. Patties Day in a non-Irish pub, an Italian restaurant in England! Haha! How Irish is that?! Haha!! Sounds like a good one!