Thursday, March 29, 2007


Thanks to those of you who replied to my massive whinge of an email about my house situation! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks he is crazy - but never mind that! Tonight I have the house to MYSELF and the heater is on high (I know it's not really that cold in London at the moment but I'm feeling not so good and have got the chills!) Hope we don't get a £300 gas bill ;)

Speaking of chills, it really is bad timing as I'm going to Egypt on Friday. Now is not the best time for me to get sick. I bought myself some cold and flu tablets and they have taken the cotton wool out of my head but not the sniffles and sneezes.

I went to a really lovely school today - only downside was it took me two hours to get there (the district line is a painful in the mornings!!!) and they asked me to go back tomorrow - stupidly, I said yes!

Funny thing though - I was waiting outside to pick up my kids as the bell rang when this little boy ran out of the toilets and up to the teacher I was speaking with. He looked up at her with teary eyes and his small hands holding up his unbuttoned jeans and said 'but miss, I haven't finished wiping my bum yet'... she just looked at him in shock and said 'well thats ok, go back and finish then'. The poor little boy ran back to the toilets, hands still holding up his jeans!! Made me laugh so hard.


Anonymous said...

hi simone, hope you feel better soon not much fun having a cold, and oh how cute with that little boy
love you mum
have a save trip to agypt

Anonymous said...

Hey aunty Simone!
That is soo funnii lol! I could just imgine u lol, poor thing! So u off to Egypt hope u hav loads of fun! I am off to W.A next thursdaii and todaii was mi last daii of skool on holidayz hehe! Well luv u soo much n miss u heaps love ur niece cass xxxxxxxxxxx

Pru said...

Hey Simone!

Haven't said hi in a while - hope you're having a great time in Egypt (that's next on my list!). I'm working on a "BigOE" project at the moment which will basically involve collating a lot of traveller blogs in one place, so people who are thinking of moving to the UK can come to one site to see lots of writings by other travellers. Would you be interested in taking part? I think you're blog is great for other people like us to get more info about London from. When you get back from Egypt, send me an e-mail if you're keen -
Keep having fun!


B said...

kids do the darndest things! hehehe