Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tube Etiquette

This post is dedicated to my #1 best friend in the whole wide world - Belinda!

Read this very carefully as you will need to follow these rules whilst using the tube in London. Failure to comply with these rules will result in very angry glares (and possibly obscene profanities muttered underneath their breath) from impatient Londoner's!

Rule #1: Stay on the right when using the escalators except if you are planning to walk. If you want to walk up or down the escalators then you must walk on the left side. Failure to comply with this rule may result in you being pushed down the escalators by rude, impatient people.

Rule #2: Once on the tube you must not look at anyone in the eye. If you do happen to catch someones eye, glance away quickly and don't look back in that direction for the remainder of the trip!

Rule #3: Don't talk to anyone on the tube.

Rule #4: If you see someone collapse at the station, don't bother helping them up - just do what everyone else does and walk right over the top of them. Yes, this does happen!

Rule #5: If you have just gotten down to the platform and there is a train just about to leave (the doors are starting to close) don't wait 2 minutes for the next train! Instead, you should try and cram your body (plus briefcase) into THIS train!

Rule #6: Obey the signs on the platform that tell you not to play your iPod too loud because if you don't follow this rule, the next 3 weeks of the Metro (free London newspaper available at tube stations) will have people moaning about how annoying it is to hear people playing their music too loud!

Rule #7: Don't give the beggars on the train any money!

Overall, the tube is a fun experience and it is pretty reliable - actually, I did read a quote about the tube once that was something along the lines of this - the tube is reliable and efficient until you need to rely on the tube to get you somewhere on time - how true!

But take note of these rules and if you have any more 'rules' for using the tube then please let me know :)

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