Saturday, March 10, 2007

Living it up

Things have been going so well for me in London. Obviously, I have my bad days but that happens anywhere but for the most part, London is fantastic and I am so happy that I had the courage to come. There was a small part of me that never really believed that I would make it here but I did. And I am loving it!

It has been so easy, I haven't encountered any difficult situations yet (except for difficult decisions such as - shall I have another glass of wine or will that make me too intoxicated to walk down those stairs later). It seems like everything is going my way - for example - today I decided I had better buy a new pair of shoes as my boots that were pretty much new upon leaving Australia are now falling apart - literally. Anyway, a friend told me about Primark which is meant to be this really cheap store (think Best & Less - Hi Lauren!!) So I decided to go and find this store *because I am on a massive budget* and buy a pair of shoes. I found Primark in Hammersmith which is kind of close to where I live and found a nice pair of shoes for £6 - awesomely cheap since the shoes in Marks and Spencer are around £25!! I tried a pair on in the colour I wanted but they were too big and the other sizes too small, the size I wanted wasn't there and the other colours didn't match my pants *OOPS sorry - TROUSERS!!!*. Anyways as I was just about to give up and go find shoes elsewhere, a Primark employee suddenly drops a pair of my magical brown shoes in a size 39 right in front of my feet - I swooped them up before someone else decided to grab them *it was almost as bad as trying to fight for a seat on the tube during peak times*. I was thrilled because they were the perfect shoes and SO cheap. So there you have it, my long-winded story about how London is going so perfectly at the moment.

Of course, not everything has gone perfectly, like the time Protocol stuffed up my pay but you would all be so proud of me for handling things so maturely. I feel like I have already started to change and I really can't imagine coming home to Melbourne because I don't know how I would go back to such a slower pace of life! Though I am sure London will wear me out soon enough.

Random notes:

On Saturday, Laurine and Yolandie and I are going to Stonehenge and Salisbury for a day trip. I am so excited because these are places I have dreamt about going to ever since I knew I was going to London and now I am actually doing it. Laurine also mentioned she wants to go to either Leeds Castle next week, or Stratford-upon-Avon so I shall definately be joining her on that day trip too.

Sarah - one of my flat mates - gave me a piece of really good advice last night. She told me that whatever invitation I get, I should accept it even if I can't be bothered because she says she regrets that she declined invitations to do things and now she wants to do those things but finds it hard to get people to go with her. So, I have been doing pretty much anything thats been thrown at me.

Anyways it is time for me to go and post my time sheets for this week otherwise I won't get paid and that is not good!!

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