Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Egypt Photos

As promised here are some Egypt photos - still don't have access to the net at home and am currently stealing the internet off someone else - but... shhhhhh!

Me @ the Pyramids!

Me @ Philae Temple
(well, I think! they all started to look the same after a while)

Selling fruit from his donkey cart in Cairo

Me @ Pyramids

Camels on beach in Dahab

Smoking Shesha @ a cafe in Dahab

Main stretch in Dahab
There are heaps more but I don't look the most flattering in half the photos so enjoy these ones guys :) I will try and post some more of me scuba diving but we'll see how I go!


Bianca said...

the photos look great keep them comming!
did you smoke whatever was in that massive pipe?

Anonymous said...

lol bianca, yea did you smoke that pipe simone?
love you

Rosanna said...

Simone you look lovely! AND EGYPT! So, so jealous.