Monday, April 16, 2007

Good Old London

Well I'm back in London after two weeks of Egypt! It was an amazing holiday and I'm so glad I went. Apart from men hassling you to buy things and come look at their shops (and the boob grabbing incident) I actually felt quite safe.

It was so much fun going to the markets and haggling - the men were saying stuff like 'come look in my shop - I will give you a 500% discount' and 'you are SO beautiful, come buy something from me'... the thing that made me laugh the most though was when they asked where I was from.. I'd reply with Australia and keep walking and they'd run after me shouting 'HEY, AUSTRALIA... HEY... AUSTRALIA come back'.. definately loads of fun.

I still can't upload photos because while I was gone we had our internet turned off and didn't get a new connection so I won't be back online at home for a while but I have discovered the public library where internet is free!

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