Saturday, April 7, 2007

Quick Egypt Post

Well guys I'm in Egypt and it's amazing! I have to share with you two crazy things that have happened thus far - and hopefully the last crazy things to happen! When I get back I will write more about actual Egypt!

I arrived at the airport in Egypt which was fine - only to find that I was one of the few people on that flight to actually have their bags - so many people lost their bags (but ended up getting them the next day! Lucky!) so I was feeling quite lucky... Anyway, I get to the hotel and am thinking it looks pretty nice. I jump in the shower to freshen up and I somehow managed to slip out of the shower (it's one of those showers in a bath)... I grabbed a hold of the shower curtain and then I fell backwards out of the bath and ended up whacking my head real good against the toilet bowl... I wasn't liking the hotel so much after that. It was painful. If you guys are laughing right now I'll be really cross, it hurt like hell!

I thought that had to be the end of my bad luck, but no... cruising down the Nile on our last night of the cruise and I was carrying my mobile so I could keep an eye on the time for dinner... Yup, you guessed it - my phone went for a dive into the Nile and is swimming at the bottom of the Nile forever... So if any of my UK friends are reading this I won't be able to contact you for a while once I'm back in London cos I need to sort out a new phone! I was devastated cos now I have to find all my UK friends numbers. Other than that guys, you'd be so proud of how I handled the fact that my phone went overboard :) So calm! I'm serious :)

Apart from those two things, Egypt has been great but I've got to meet my tour group so I shall write more once I'm back in London!


Anonymous said...

awwwwwwwww, simone i am not laughing, bet it must have hurt hitting your head, my poor girl,and your phone in the nile, wow, but atleast you had fun and see something from the world, see you soon, love you mum

Anonymous said...

Hey Aunty Simone!
OMG!! I wouldhav cried if i dropped mi fone in ther...i cant live without it with all the memories on ther n mi numbers!! LOL! Well i am posting u this from w.a! I am havin heaps of fun! Melissa wanted to get me drunk on thursdaii nite n she did! I drank heaps n was chukin up lol! Love u heaps! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

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