Saturday, April 21, 2007

What a wonderful day!

Ah the London weather has been so perfect lately - so nice and sunny! And who says that London is just a cold and miserable place! It's gorgeous when the weather warms up. Anthony and I went to Green Park the other day and just laid in the sun for hours - bliss!

I am definitely looking forward to summer.

Not much has been happening lately. I haven't been working this week so I've been sightseeing. Because Anthony didn't work much this week either we went on a sightseeing spree and managed to take some decent photos of London Bridge, Tower Bridge and a few other places.

I went out with Jade and Anthony and some of their house mates last night to watch the cricket (I only found out Australia won this morning!) Jade and I managed to get quite drunk thanks to me smuggling in vodka disguised as a water bottle! Of course, I didn't realise how drunk I actually was until this morning when I woke up and looked at some of the photos from last night... Oops! I'm headed back to theirs tonight for a house party so that will be a lot of fun. We'll be finishing the rest of the vodka and cracking open the schnapps!

Kelly and I are going to Hyde Park for a picnic today. I'm so excited because I love picnics. We're planning on getting a bottle of wine - oh man there is way too much alcohol this weekend! You know I'm not really complaining :)

Anyways, not sure if any of you guys know who Jade is - she is a friend of Anthony's from back home but not sure if you've met her so I'm gonna post a photo of her...

Jade and I

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