Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Kids sure do say the funniest things!

I have been working for Sanza for the past 2 days and they have sent me to the loveliest schools (even though they might not be the closest schools to where I live!)

I had a Year 3 class today and they were absolute angels for the morning... but my goodness... they all turned into little monsters after lunch! No matter what school I go to, it seems that lunch time turns all the kids into monsters. I reckon that their lunch time is way too long - they usually have at least an hour which gives them more than enough time to plot how to give the supply a massive headache!

Back to the Year 3 class I had today... We had science after lunch and I was introducing the topic of 'Why do we need plants to grow?' and I asked the children what plants need in order to grow... one of the children looked up at me and said 'Miss, I know plants need water to grow.. but do plants also need love?' I didn't know whether to laugh or not but looking at the deadly serious expression on this kids face I decided to save my laughter for later.

In the same class I also had one kid who came up to me about 15 minutes before the end of the day and he apologized for his behavior (he was a little turd all afternoon, would not sit still and disrupted all the other kids when they were trying to work). He's like 'I'm sorry that I wasn't behaving properly today'. I didn't know what to say!!

Now that I look back on today a lot of craziness occurred in this classroom but all in the afternoon. Must be monster syndrome coming out in full force. I gotta work out how to put a stop to that!

I did get the most beautiful compliment from the Teaching Assistant though who said that I did a brilliant job teaching the class today and that I kept them under control wonderfully for a supply.

Oh I live for the days when supply teachers are appreciated and treated with respect!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Aunty Simone!
I hav had to read ur past 3 or 4 blog entries coz i hav been in w.a so yer! Hehe, omg i smoked sheesha when i went to thailand so did mum i think its soo kool yer hehe! I am glad u r a good teacher i am proud to hav a good aunty! I miss u soo much love u xoxxoo