Monday, April 30, 2007

Bank Weekend

Jade and I were planning on doing a horse-riding trip through Wales this weekend but turns out that it is fully booked due to it being a bank weekend (long weekend!). We are trying to think of other places we can go but because it's a bank weekend, everything is costing more money.

So much has been happening in London lately and it's making me question why I want to be here. I'm loving being here but I haven't yet found my place. It seems no matter where I go I never seem to have a place to fit into. But then again that could also just be my perception of things.

I'm excited because Kelly and I are going to Amsterdam for 5 days at the end of May which kind of makes me think I should save my money now rather than go away this weekend but I really think it would be nice to get away from London for a few days.

Oh and Bianca - awesome news about your countdown! I tried to leave a myspace message but myspace has been playing up lately. I'm going to be getting back to Melbourne and you're going to leave! London is awesome though and you'll have a ball... xx



Bianca said...

hehehe yes i cant wait, although im finding it hard to focus on the smaller things (like me ECL310 assignment that is a week late) because im soo excited about leaving!

its so good that you r hanging out with anthony! so you see him often? he's great fun!

Cassie said...

just sayin i miss u soo much hope u r havin fun n missing me hehe lol!
Love u heaps xoxo