Sunday, January 20, 2008


After hearing all about the nice sunny Melbourne weather I've been a bit depressed in rainy London... But all that has changed now that I've booked my Spain, Morocco and Turkey tours for August/September. The weather is going to be perfect for 7 whol weeks. Yep, that's right. I will be traveling for around 7 weeks. A long time, I know but I may as well make the most of the summer while I am here. Let's just hope it's not too hot!

I've got Scotland to look forward to in February and then April I'm coming home. I'm looking forward to coming home but I think I'm over the homesickness at the moment. It seems to come and go. After New Years I really just wanted to jump on a plane and never ever have to think about London again but I think it was just that I had such a shit time in Paris and was afraid of what London would be like once I got back.

For my birthday last week, I went out to Brick Lane and got sung Happy Birthday by my friends and one of the waiters brought me a little ice-cream cake which we all shared. It was so sweet. Then a few of us went to see Trudy's friends play the harp at a bar in Old Street... An interesting experience and an early night. We headed off not long after that.

Not much else to report really. Just work and gym - same old!

Luv you all

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