Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Loop Bar

Last night was awesome! We went to this place just off Oxford Circus called 'The Loop Bar' which played cheesy music and old hits. It was the perfect way to celebrate my birthday. We danced all night and you'd be proud of me for staying pretty sober (meaning I remember how I got home last night!)

Some Greek guy decided to attach himself to me for some unknown reason so I had him floating around me all night. Interesting. But I fobbed him off because it was my night and I just wanted to spend it with my friends and have a bit of a dance.

It was amazing how easy it was to get home and how cheap the night was. We never go out in the city so it was a nice change, instead of always going somewhere local. Definitely a fantastic way to start my 24th year!

Now it is Sunday and I am planning on sitting in front of the TV and watching the Bourne Identity movies with a large pizza, maybe some popcorn and chocolate. Screw the diet for today! This whole week has been birthday celebrations galore so I'm going to milk it for ONE more day just cos I can.

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