Thursday, January 31, 2008

Summer Adventures Cont'

I am just so happy right at this moment! I have absolutely NO cash and SANZA have stuffed up my pay this week so I'm getting paid a pittance but I am on such a high.

I had been really disappointed that I wasn't able to fit Portugal into my summer travels this year... I left 5 days in between Morocco and Spain and had hoped to visit Portugal then... Until I realised how difficult it would be for me to get there and by the time I made my way there I'd have to jet off to Barcelona (what a hard life I lead!)

So, I settled for the summer plans I already had which was Morocco, Spain and Turkey and resolved myself to the fact that I'd just be doing that and Scotland this year... Until I reached breaking point. I came to the conclusion that London is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I'd never get this visa again so MAKE THE MOST OF IT!

Hence how I just found myself booking flights to Portugal!

It is a really bizarre way of doing it but I had to do it now before I backed out. Plus it was cheap and I couldn't find direct flights and direct flights are usually with airlines that are ridiculously expensive. Basically, I fly from Istanbul back to London and then fly from London to Lisbon - all on the same day so I really hope EasyJet doesn't have its flight from Istanbul delayed otherwise Portugal will still just be a dream. But, EasyJet are usually pretty good and I've got a few hours in between so I should be okay. I'd rather have a roundabout flight than pay LOADS of extra cash. Sounds crazy but ask any true Aussie traveler in London and they'll give you even more bizarre stories than mine (eg sleeping in toilets because they can't afford accommodation!)

I will be spending a blissful 8 days in Portugal before flying back to London... Possibly spending a few days in London catching up with friends and showing off my tan before jetting off to Canada. I was planning on doing a tour of America before I went to Canada but decided that I'd rather go and see Portugal before I worried about the states. I think when I work in Canada for a while I will save up for all of that then - and if I don't have enough money then I will get a credit card and do ALL of my travels and worry about it when I come home. What is the point in being SO close by if you don't make the most of it? This might sound crazy to alot of you but it makes sense to me and the whole thing works for me.

I just LOVE my life so much and am so glad that I had the guts to go on this amazing adventure!

Just deciding now to book flights to Norway! Heck, I love this having no money but booking everything on my credit card business. Book now, Pay later. Probably a bad philosophy but you know what - WHO CARES! I get to see the world! When else am I going to come back here again? Chances are never so I may as well make it worth it while I am actually here.


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