Monday, February 26, 2007

Lab Bar

We went to Lab Bar in Soho on Friday night. Kelly and I got there around 10 and waited for Deenesh to arrive. It was a really cool bar with a relaxed atmosphere. A pity that the cocktails were expensive though. Deenesh arrived a little bit later with one of his friends and we sat around for a few hours drinking awesome cocktails. There were so many cocktails that they had a book menu instead of just one of those double sided, laminated sheets! Awesome - Belinda, you so should have been there. Anyways, Deenesh took photos (as did we but I can't upload them yet) and was kind enough to email them to me so here are my first lot of London photos!

Kelly and I

Deenesh and I

As for Speed Dating - it was so boring. You had 3 minutes to 'sell yourself' which was horrible. Although, I did make a new friend at speed dating - this crazy Saffa (South African) chick. She is awesome although sometimes I think she needs to calm down a little (although some might say the same of me!)

Well, there you go. Two posts from me all on the same day! Must be a record :)
P.S I know they didn't work the first time I posted this, thats cos the computer was being a complete turd!


Carly said...

Sounds like you're having fun!! For some reasons the photos of you and your new friends didn't turn out though??

Anyway, keep the blogs coming!

Melanie said...

Hey Sweety,
so good to see you've settled in. We all miss you here and love to hear how you're going, so keep up with the emails and the blog.
Keep Smile Beautiful!!
Love Melanie