Thursday, May 3, 2007

Joys of flatshares!

Oh my goodness... I rang Anthony the other day to whinge about this but my whinging is never compelte without a blog entry dedicated to the stupidity of my housemate - Stefan.

We need to talk about the future of our house cos I am moving out at the end of the lease because I can't afford to pay rent over the 6 week holidays. I told Stefan this and he said that we needed to talk to Sarah as well to discuss what was going to happen. He asked if I was available a certain night and I said I wasn't sure due to the fact that Belinda was coming to London for a few days and she might want to catch up that night, and if she did want to catch up then I would be seeing her. He looked at me and said 'so you're telling me that meeting up with a friend is more important than having a house meeting to discuss the future of this house?'... I looked back at him and furiously replied 'well actually, yeah it is considering I haven't seen her in 3 months and won't be seeing her again for another 2 years!'. I stormed out of the house about 15 minutes later and called Anthony (thanks for listening and laughing at me!) and came back home to find Stefan being all nice to me. Pfft.

He keeps asking me to clean the bathroom and move my laundery etc but he never does anything. The bins are never emptied by him and how hard is it to clean the bench after you leave some toast crumbs?? My other flatmate does heaps around the house and Stefan thinks he does but really he doesn't do alot!

I am thinking of moving to Hammersmith or Shepherds Bush because the area is nice there although nowhere near as nice as Putney. They are a lot more central though (hence, the central line train) and I have found Putney can be a bit far out at times.

Moving out is stressing me a bit because I'm traveling a bit during the time I need to be looking and it means I will still have to pay rent over the summer when I'm barely going to be home. Gotta figure something out and I need to figure it out fast.

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