Sunday, July 27, 2008


As I write this I am sitting in my London hostel clutching my stomach, nursing a massive hangover. I wasn't planning on drinking quite so much but seemed to have a continuous supply of alcohol being delivered to me, courtesy of the South African guy in my dorm room. Nice. He was traveling with three other Aussie guys and they were nuts! Within five minutes of me being in the room they were trying to get me to have a 3-some with them... 'Hi, my name is X, want to have a 3-some?'... my reply 'yeah, sure, let's go!' They were so crude... asking all these sexual questions and sharing their stories - which were quite entertaining, if not a little disturbing that guys can be such. arseholes. One of the guys was walking around naked and came up to me and was like 'so, you gonna suck it?' - oh yeah baby yeah...

Turned out to be a fun night once they realised I wasn't going to be up for their games and we went down to the bar for a few drinks at which point things become a little blurry. I remember trying to arm wrestle a guy who was 3 times bigger then me and then I met a random guy who decided it'd be fun to go to the casino where we got pens from the casino and used them as swizzle sticks in our drinks... After deciding the casino was not cool (casino - think dodgy RSL with a few blackjack/poker tables scattered around) we decided to go swimming in the beach at 2am! The beach is really pebbly and walking on the pebbles barefoot was painful! I was expecting the water to be freezing but it was surprisingly nice and refreshing. I walked into the hostel absolutely drenched and was so tired and drunk that I jumped straight into bed with my wet clothes on. The manager of the hostel told me the next morning that someone had drowned in the beach by doing the same thing I did a few weeks ago.. oops.

As for Brighton itself, I was surprised with how big the town is! I was expecting a really small beach town but it is huge. There are so many shops and it has a really chilled out feel. The pier was okay, very pretty at night. There is an indoor arcade and rides at the end of the pier. They serve fish and chips everywhere in Brighton and doughnuts on the pier. I couldn't resist hot doughnuts so got some -and they were the worst doughnuts of my life. So, I sat on the pier and wrote my postcards (which I did not post because I lost them) and some random guy came up to me, looked at my doughnut bag and asked if he could have a bite of my doughnut... I told him he could have them all cos they were disgusting.

I was a little bit sad at the start of the weekend just because I'd been feeling a bit lonely but I ended up having a blast just cos of the people I met and during the day I just sat on the pebbly beach and chilled! It was great. I went down to the shops, looked around, had a peek at the Royal Pavilion which looked cool, took a photo and went back to the beach. Surprisingly I did not swim during the day..

Four more whole days in London and then I am off to Morocco. I am kind of scared because it is going to be SO hot in Morocco. It's 27 degrees in London today and I am struggling. Morocco will be ten times worse... ugh...

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Anonymous said...

YOU be careful simone, some men are truly assholes and might hurt you when you had a few drinks to many
love you xxx