Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bored & Broke = Blog entry!

For lack of anything better to do I figure I'd blog. I've run out of money already due to me thinking it probably would be a good idea to pay off my UK credit card... which I originally wasn't going to do but I guess my conscience got the better of me. So today I went to HSBC and had a really frustrating experience with this gay Italian guy who was born in Australia yet is now living in the UK. Yeah, we went through his whole life story and he tried to 'bond' with me because he originated from Melbourne. Did not work and I saw through his whole facade of trying to make me feel at ease. Stupid banks. You would not imagine how hard it was to close my account. Okay, so maybe not entirely all his fault because if I had played by the HSBC rules then it would not have been as frustrating... Since I chose not to play by their rules, it ended up being very complex and trying and we went round in circles due to the stupidity of some of the so called rules. In the end, my credit card is now paid off but I have very little Aussie dollars which will make the next few months extremely difficult but hey... I really do love a challenge... Give me a dare and I will most certainly take it.

So, back to London... as a result of having NO cash I have not been doing very much. I had some theatre tickets booked and have a show I'm going to see tonight - Avenue Q - should be good. I've been bumming around the hostel, going for a walks down to Harrods and the museums since they are 10 min walk away. Hyde Park is close too so I've been there a few times. I have 10 more days here and am hoping to spend as little as possible... can totally do that if I keep stealing fruit from the hostel breakfast! Good thing I love apples.

I was told that the British summer is pretty much over. They reckon it'll be an Indian summer which means that there will be a few hot days scattered around in September. Brilliant for me, I won't be here. By then I should have an amazing Mediterranean tan so I can't complain.

Missing you guys but thanks for the emails to keep me updated on life in Melbourne. There have been no pangs of homesickness as such but there have definitely been pangs of wanting to have a good chat with friends from back home. I can't wait to meet up with Kirsty in Canada and hit the snow! I'm well excited about that. Am also very excited to be going on my tours.

Will keep you guys posted on anything interesting... or, will just write again for the sake of it due to boredom!

p.s just thought of something interesting to tell! At the hostel there was a STABBING! Yes, you read right. We were having a few drinks at the hostel on Friday night and I ended up going out with a few people to a bar down the road. Anyways, come back the next day and this guy I was talking to the night before shows me his stab wound! Apparently there was a disagreement of some kind between him and this French guy. The Frenchie went nuts (apparently high on cocaine) and grabbed a pair of scissors and stabbed the poor Aussie guy in the arm. The Aussie was so proud of his wound though. The police came, arrested the French guy and yeah there was blood everywhere. I was so disappointed that I didn't get to witness this for myself but nevertheless still makes for an interesting conversation piece.

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