Monday, July 7, 2008

Melbourne - Hong Kong

Last time I waved goodbye at the departure gates at Tullamarine I ended up getting kicked back out thanks to my carry on luggage being too heavy. This time, my carry on luggage was fine, however, my ticket was not.

Apparently when the travel agent changed the ticket she didn't abide by the ticket conditions - and my ticket only allows me to depart from Melbourne at night... my flight was in the morning... they discussed the situation and after many smiles and 'oh your so helpfuls' from me they decided that it would be okay if I boarded the flight... *phew*. I'm pretty sure this was because I'd booked my flight with a UK travel agent and the Aussie travel agent had no idea what was going on and assumed she could do whatever...

So, I ended up on this half empty flight to Hong Kong and had four seats to myself... Bonus! Well, that is until some Hong Kong dude decided that he wanted to sit in the seat next to me so his wife could sleep on their stingy two seats that they had. He was so rude about it though, he picked up my stuff that I'd littered all over the four seats specifically so that this wouldn't happen and literally dumped it on the floor - while I was sitting in my seat... so of course, I gave him a very dirty look (which continued for the rest of the flight since his wife would not stop staring at me and I played the staring game - who would look away first - and I always won!)

Then, when I went to the bathroom, I came back to find the husband had a friend who he was trying to shuffle into MY seat. Not the seat next to mine, or any of the other seats (which technically were mine because I had claimed earlier) but MY seat... So I put a stop to that just as he was trying to get in and made up some crap about the footrest on the other seat being broken so I had to sit in that seat. It worked. Imagine - my four seats got reduced to three and he tried to make it two.. I do not think so! He soon worked out that this was not going to work and stopped trying although he did try the fight over the armrest which was fun.

Food was pretty shit on todays flight. I stopped being nervous pretty quickly and am feeling so happy... until those phone calls come again Belinda... No cute guys on the flight, disappointing... well, there were a few but they were taken... always the way!

Now it's just a matter of sitting around Hong Kong airport which is humid even though the aircon is on and waiting for my flight to the UK which is tomorrow morning - Cathay Pacific were stars and managed to get me on an earlier flight so I only have a 19 hour wait instead of a 25 hour wait... hahaha

Next update - London... unless something interesting happens in Hong Kong airport like... well, who knows.

Til London...!

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