Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I am laying in my hostel bed at 3pm not able to move because I feel so terrible. My back is killing me and it hurts to walk and I can't even cough because it hurts so much. My body feels like it has been covered in cement and I am finding it so hard to move. Lucky I am still considered a resident of the UK because I've booked a doctors appointment for Friday because this is ridiculous. More so my back but if he can figure out why I am so fatigued then that's great. I'm really grateful right now that there is only me in the room because I do not have the energy to have any kind of conversation right now and I feel like I am close to tears so don't really want to have a witness to that.

A few nights ago I had the strangest dream that our hostel was on fire and the only way to escape was by jumping out the window - and I am on the 4th floor! I shared this dream with a few of my roomies and they all laughed and said I was crazy, that'd never happen. Well, this morning we all woke up to the sounds of the hostel fire alarm going beserk and we had no idea what was going on but decided we should probably go downstairs to check out what's happening just in case. Everyone was heading downstairs and we finally made it out the front, only to see Ricky, the manager, laughing at us saying that it was only burnt coffee that had set the alarm off. I was not impressed considering the dream I had only a few nights ago!

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Anonymous said...

How did it go at the dr's?
Stupid Manager. I'd crap my self if the fire alarm went off & I was there.

Hope you are having a great time