Friday, July 11, 2008

Take 2 - London

There is this really annoying American girl in my hostel room at the moment. She is painful. There was a mix up with the beds and they thought they'd overbooked.. and she was running around like crazy, talking a million miles a minute to see what how she was going to be affected by this dilemma (as she was the one without a bed). She is acting like she is on speed and I don't have patience for people like her.. Ricky (the manager) and I shared a eye rolled gaze because she is a fruit loop.

So many thoughts are running through my head and I am feeling a little bit homesick because I hate having to think about things all by myself with no one to run ideas by.

Yesterday was a frustrating day because I had so much stuff I needed to do and it was pouring with rain. I was sitting on the tube looking completely miserable and was soaking wet thanks to a bus hitting the curb a little too close and resulted in me getting splashed with dirty London water. I happened to glance around and caught eyes with some random sitting on the tube who gave me the most cheekiest, genuine grin which completely lifted my mood. It's amazing how such a simple thing can do so much and made me appreciate the small things. Sounds completely corny and I know it is but smiles are great so I am deciding that I am going to randomly smile at people each day... Although, knowing me, my smiles will come out more like a grimace so maybe I need to practice genuine smiles in front of the mirror otherwise people may think I'm snarling at them : )

I've been bumming around the hostel all day because I had stuff to do in the morning and then one of the girls in my dorm and I cooked up a storm for lunch before I decided that I needed to do washing and by that stage it was 3pm so ended up just lazing around here. Speaking of people in my dorm, I was talking to one of the girls who is from Melbourne last night and mentioned where I used to teach.. and she asked if I knew Becky - which I did because we both taught Prep in 2006. Turns out they are cousins. What a small world. Makes me wonder if I can ever escape.

To finish off with - I feel the onset of a sore throat which may have to do with the fact that I walked around London yesterday in thongs and a dress while it was pouring down with rain. Probably not my smartest moment ever but I didn't pack any jumpers because
1. it is meant to be summer and
2. Trudy had my luggage with some jumpers in there so I didn't see why I should pack more.

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