Monday, February 5, 2007

Destination: London!

Well! After having to unpack and repack my bags at the airport in Melbourne, I have finally made it to London! The flight was really good - on the way from Melbourne to Hong Kong I sat next to this girl who has been living in London for 4 years so we had a bit of a chat. From Hong Kong to London I managed to move to a spot on the plane where there were 4 empty seats so I had the whole row to myself - it was awesome, made the plane ride so much more bearable.

On my flight, we could choose what we wanted to watch and I was able to pause, rewind, etc so that was pretty cool - I watched 4 movies and an episode of the Simpsons.

The hostel - well - I was dreading coming here cos of my last hostel experience in London but actually the hostel is pretty nice. There aren't very many showers (2 on each level!!) and they are tiny but for now, it's ok.

I'm not really missing home at the moment - I'm sure I will soon enough though. There is a girl in my room who is also teaching and she arrived in the UK last week so I was talking to her for a bit and we're going to check out the London nightlife sometime this week. There is also a drug dealer in my dorm room who goes down to the bar to sell his stuff - interesting. Nice guy though.

Not much has happened so far - except it's bloody freezing and I decided to go for a jog this morning cos I couldn't sleep. Not sure what possessed me to do that but it was actually really refreshing and I might do it again tomorrow. I have to keep off the kilos somehow. I can see why people put on weight when they come to London - I haven't actually eaten any food since getting off the plane but everywhere you turn there are different food options - chinese, kebabs, thai, fruit! So, I've sussed out where I can buy my fruit and sandwich for lunch - but man it is hard to resist the tempation of all that food (and starbucks).

Oh and I've been telling people my name is Simone but my friends call me Maddie - haha. Let me know what's going on back home!

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Chelle said...

Yo Maddie!
What's up girlfriend?? Haha... your're such a shit! lol Glad you settled and ended up having a good flight! It's great that you've met a few people too, doing the same thing as you! That's gotta be comforting :) So are ppl calling you Maddie then?
How's your Dad going with out you so far? And Cas?
My sunburn still kills - it's getting rather itchy :s Didn't end up going to Volt. Bec was staying the night, so claz kept her amused till I got home, and almost died playing table tennis with her... every 2 seconds bending to pick up the ball - my skin was in agony! *SiGH* Then she tried to kick claz out of the bed and onto the matress so she could bunk with me - well that just wasn't happening with her scratchy toe nails going all over the place lol I felt so mean! But I'm sure you have better things to spend your time on than blow by blow ddetails of my day! lol So i'll let you get back to London! :) Love ya chickie xoxoxo