Thursday, February 8, 2007

First day of work!

Well I am actually at work at the moment. My first day was teaching reception (more like kinder than prep) and it was awesome. The kids were so lovely and the teacher invited me back to teach in her classroom again next week for 3 days - which is good because it means she thinks I am an alright teacher :) It also means I get to have a bit more say as to what I do in the classroom. It is a challenging grade though but all the kids are great. Although, what do I do on my first day - I lose the locker key they gave me to put my bag in. So, had to get the maintenence guy to see if he had a spare key which luckily he did otherwise I'd have been screwed!!! Only I could do something so stupid! Oh well, lol.

It's funny because whenever I ask the kids how they are they always say 'fine' which is weird cos I am expecting them to say 'good'. Like, who replies that they are 'fine'?? Well, I thought it was strange!

I looked at a house last night which claimed to be 10 mins walk from the tube station - try 15 and the room was expensive! So, not going to be living there. The hostel is ok for the moment anyways - it is just that the shower is so bloody tiny that drives me nuts.

Tonight I am going out to dinner with a friend I used to work with in Melbourne - he is in London at the moment and has been living / working here for the past 2 years so he is almost at the end of his visa (damn).

The weather has actually been really nice - cold but nice. Today I even saw sun and it would have been nice to go on the London Eye but - work! So, one weekend I will go!

I've been homesick a bit - mainly at night. During the day I am fine but at night I don't know what to do with myself.

Oh, I found an awesome drink today - a mars bar drink! Tastes so yummy - but, can't drink too many of those :) I've actually been eating really well - sandwiches for lunch and something light for dinner and there is a free continental breakfast at the hostel which means I have cereal and a piece of bread with jam so really I'm not doing bad at all! And all the walking around I've been doing (and getting lost on tube stations) means Heathrow Injection may be kept at bay!

Anyways I need to go and get my time sheet signed and then I am off to go and do some shopping (well, window shopping - I haven't got paid as of yet!)

Hope all is well in the land of Oz! Keep me posted.

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chelle said...

Hoi Hoi!! That's awesome dear!! Good on you - I can't believe your actually working already! Sounds like you're set... The school filled out the forms yet to sponsor you to stay?? lol Who's this Melbourne boy you're dining with?? Oh - have you got an accent yet? haha Not much news at this end... Just at work :S They took my car away last night, so hopefully that will be fixed in the next couple of weeks.... & yeh - I should get back to my files! Woohoo! lol