Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Elk in Fulham

I have been in London for almost a week and I am LOVING it! I have met some awesome people and have caught up with Gaby and she has taken me out to some place down in Fulham - we had an awesome night - I ended up losing my jumper somehow and Kelly ended up going home with some random! I love it!

I don't miss home at all because at the moment there is just so much going on - although I had a quick look at someones myspace (sorry I don't leave msgs but internet time is so precious!) and they mentioned something about going out and I was like 'awww' but hey - I'm in London!

Later today I am going out with Kelly (she is another teacher in my dorm room) and will do some sightseeing.

I love you all and even though I don't miss home I do miss you guys!

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