Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My New Pad

I have done it. I have finally got my own room and my own space!

A cute little flat down in East Putney. It is so gorgeous. A tad expensive but then again the location is fantastic and the house is gorgeous. I move in on March 1st. Yay! No more hostel. I'm sharing with one Aussie girl and one Austrian guy who both seem lovely.

Haha, I have a funny story about one of the people in my dorm room... Kelly and I went to Chinese New Year yesterday and as we were heading towards Oxford Circus Station, we saw one of the girls in our dorm room screaming her lungs out, preaching something (we don't know what she was saying, it was incomprehensible). We think she was saying something about Jesus - but we weren't sure. We didn't want to go up to her cos she had a big cane on her arm and we thought she might smack us with it. So, we just went our own way. Later that night, I saw her at the hostel and she was all smiles and I was too scared to ask her what she was doing at Oxford Circus.

The joys of hostels - drug dealers, preachers ... what else can you ask for for £85 a week!


Anonymous said...

hi simone, i am so happy you are having a grand time and got your own space now,and you are enjoying and making new friends, it was so neat talking to you, hope all goes well for you send me a post card from agypt ok, cant wait to see you in june, thinking of you every day, all my love mum

chelle said...

hey girl! I hope you read these, cos i'm too lazy too email or myspace when im right here reading up on u! lol - u know that story kind of went no where, right? lol congrats on the place... u'll have to post a pic :) Claz and I have started seriously lookin at places - did a drive by of a few last night, and cos he's tool n it looks like we'll be spending our official one yr anniversary driving from agent to agent to get key to look properl... SiGH haha

chelle said...

lol - so i didn't really finish that! not that i had much more to say really - i'm buggered... but yeh. Anyway, take care n keep livin it up! Love, hugs n kisses xoxox cioa!

B said...

hey good job with finding the place! i got your text but i spent the last week camping without reception, therefore no reply! the place you have sounds great! and it sounds like you've met heaps of people! im glad you found your ice cream! i found a great ice cream place on the great ocean road! home made, carson and i had one almost every day! (not good for the increasing belly!) well i better get to bed, back to uni tom!
ps. i hope you feel better!... and i finally got a baby tan!!!!