Thursday, February 15, 2007

Living it up London Style!


It is so hard to find a place in London! Well, in the area I want to live in. There are flats but the people who I ring up sound either snobbish (so don't want to live there), or too far from the tube (walking in the rain sucks), or can't understand their English (no fun!) It's driving me crazy and I need to find a place ASAP cos the hostel is booked out and my booking ends on Sunday! So, gotta get cracking. I could find a place easily if I wasn't so damn fussy!

Anyways, the agency rang asking if I want full time work - I've said no so many times but they keep ringing me up. They have rung 3 times since I've arrived and each time I said no - when will they get it? I'm almost thinking if they keep it up they're gonna hate me cos I keep saying no - so, it's a good thing I have other agencies up my sleeve.

As for work, it's going reasonably well.

Kelly has found a place and moved in today so I don't know what I'm going to do without her to bitch about things to. She's a teacher too and we have been hanging out a bit which is nice.

The other night, I came home in a cranky mood - I was sick, tired (been working then checked out 2 flats) and came back to the hostel to find this guys shit was half over my luggage, he put his dirty, smelly jacket on my clean towels and had shit right in the way of my bed. So I grumbled to Kelly and anyone else who would listen. He came into the room later and I had a massive go at him... I told him to move his shit out of my way so I could get up to my bunk bed, I told him to move the banana peels cos it was absolutely disgusting, I told him he should NOT put his dirty things on my luggage and he needed to move the things out the way. He was on drugs so he thought it was all amusing and was trying to touch my head which aggravated me even more. I thought I was being quite nice about the whole thing, however as soon as he left the room after I nicely grumbled at him the whole dorm room started cracking up laughing - they thought the whole thing was hilarious. But seriously, he is a wanker and shouldn't put his shit on mine. Plus, I was meant to have his bed and he wasn't even meant to be in our room so I told him he had to give me his bed - which he did the next day and then got kicked out of our room cos he wasn't meant to be in there (but apparently he's back again tonight, lucky us). I was so proud of myself for sticking up for what is mine. And I really don't know why they laughed at me!!

I got my bank card yesterday - too bad I haven't been paid yet. I get paid on Friday which is great - I should have £200 which really isn't a lot but still better than nothing. Yay!

Anyways I am off to the agency to pick up some mail - presumably stuff which the bank has sent out - crap really. Then I am going to hassle people for rooms and if I have energy I might meet one of the girls from the hostel for a Valentine's Day drink with some of her friends.

Happy Valentine's Day!


bianca said...

im glad you r enjoying yourself! i've started an england fund!!! hehehe i only have $300 in it but its a start, and i do have 3 years to save!
good for you sticking up for yourself, although its dosnt strike me as out of the norm for simone (or should i say Maddie) behaviour, you dont often take shit lying down!
i hope you find a place, i watched bridget jones' diary yesterday, she had an awesome place, find one like that!
its good that they r offering you full time work, at least you know you wont be broke!
i better shimmi, its HOT atm, 38 on sat!! im heading to apollo bay for the week before uni starts, i better get a tan!
also i just got beyonce tickets!!! im so excited!!!

Anonymous said...

hi simone, wohoo thats great offering you full time teaching take it up my girl you make lots of pounds, cant wait to catch up with you in germany all my love mum
love you xxxxoooo