Sunday, February 18, 2007

Our Mission - Finding Hagen Dazs

I had been telling Kelly how absolutely awesome Hagan Dazs ice-cream is so we decided to make it our mission to find a store. I was positive there was one close to Tower Bridge station and we were headed towards that area to check out the Tower of London. Anyways, we searched high and low for Hagen Dazs and couldn't find it - so headed home empty handed.

Later that week we headed to an old English pub with this Brazillian guy we met at the hostel - Celso - and we included him on our mission to find Hagen Dazs. By this stage, Kelly was fully hooked on the mission and Celso was curious indeed about this 'fantastic' ice-cream that I had been ravign about. As it so happened, Deenesh called me as we were trying to complete our mission so I asked him if he knew where there was a Hagen Dazs store and he told us to trek down to Leicester Square (or as Kelly likes to call it - Leichester Sqaure) tube station to find this ice-cream. We got there and by this stage it had started to rain, but undetered we kept searching for our ice-cream... I have to admit, at one stage I thought Deenesh was fibbing as I couldn't see any Hagen Dazs, then... all of a sudden, like a mirage - Hagan Dazs appeared right in front of our eyes.

So, we wandered in to this small store to choose our 2 flavours for £3 (yes, please don't convert to Australian $$$). We took our ice-cream outside (cos it was packed in the store) and huddled under a doorway eating our delicious ice-cream in the freezing rain! Oh man though, it was worth it. The best ice-cream in the world. Celso was highly impressed. Actually, so was Kelly. We made it our next mission to try all of the flavours at least twice!

On a completely different note - I have been sick, I think I've caught the flu or something cos I feel horrible. I've sort of stopped house-hunting at the moment because I am really hoping that I get this place that I looked at the other day. It is GORGEOUS. Small room (but anything is better than hostel) but it is really nice. Awesome location - close to the tube station, close to a gym (YAY) and really lovely housemates (only 2 other people in the house). I would be sharing a bathroom with the Austrian guy but he seems like he wants it clean (probably cleaner than me) which is good. The Aussie girl has her own bathroom. So, I find out tomorrow if I've got the room or not - if I don't get it then that's fine but it's back to house-hunting again which is a pain in the arse.

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