Sunday, May 20, 2007

Finding a new house - AGAIN!

The time has come for me to start advertising my room and my search begins again to find another place to live. So, I have been checking The Gumtree every couple of days just to see what's out there at the moment but I'm not sure where I want to live. I really like where I am at the moment but I've found it too expensive.

I hate house-hunting - Wish me lots of luck!

Stefan and I had a huge argument today because he repeats everything 40 times a day and it's beginning to get on my nerves. But the even more annoying thing is when he comes downstairs half an hour after we've argued, he acts like nothing has even happened. Does he not get that he shits me??? I really don't think he does.

My move out date has been set as the end of May - ouch. Gotta find somewhere fast otherwise I'll have to doss at a friend's for a few days until I get myself sorted. Oh fun!

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